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Communicating with students

Each student is different. The best way to communicate with a student is to learm each student individually.


Thank you for your post! You're correct that each student has his or her own preferred communication style. How do you go about determining a student's preferred style?

Elizabeth Wheeler

I help to determine how I approach a student and conversation by the initial greeting. How they shake my hand, eye contact, whether they smile or not. These are all huge determining factors for me and how I continue with my course of action.

Thanks, Adam! How do you vary your approach based on their greeting?

Elizabeth Wheeler

I like to get the student talking. I then listen to their adjectives. Then in our conversation, I use their adjectives. This makes them feel like they know me somehow.


Once you learn how the students prefers to be communicated to than you will be able to communicate honestly and informative to the student.  


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