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Managing Stress

Managing stress can be very different to individuals, its imperative that we all identify our triggers.  In the event that an individual is pushed to much, you may find that it pushes them over the edge and that person has had enough.  Typically they may shot down and not be open to feedback or constructive criticism.  As a Director, I have to be aware of my reps stressful moments, we may take a walk and talk or go to a private room, I allow them to scream and yell if needed to get the frustrations of their chest.  Some may need to leave for the day but I am understanding to their needs.  We are all human and have so much pressure, as leaders we must be aware of each persons situation.

We have found that teaching and modeling new healthy behaviors such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi-Gong or meditation walks helps our  our students in ways that they may have not encountered in other parts of their lives and gives them new healthy behaviors to deal with stress.  

I agrre with both. Its important to realize that some stresses can not be controlled whether they come from personal or professional life. Sharing or let people share why they are not performing well, helps. Instructors should be aware of the fact that students do get stressed out not just due to the academic/ school work but also from their personal lives. I meet my students one on one every 10-15 weeks. I give them feed back about their performance and ask for their feedback about the courses and the instructors. During the discussion with some who are not performinf so well, stress from life turns out to be an important factor. I do not offer counselling but do listen to them and may suggest some coping principles or words of encouragement. I have found it helpfu;l many times and have seen that their performance improves

I have found that it is very important to maintain a fine balance between controlled stress and the usual "panic mode". Usually by letting them verbalize their worries and stresses, helps both me and the students. I get a better insight into their lives outside of the campus and they get to realize that I care, have personal insight into what stresses them and by connecting in this manner, builds mutual trust and confidence.

I have found that having some stress in the classroom helps to keep the students focused on the topic and on track.  I limit the amount of stress and the amount of time they are under it.  The knowledge that there will be a quiz at the end of a lecture will usually help to keep their minds on the topic at hand.  I remember back to when I was in College and how that knowledge always seemed to make the lecture that day more interesting and informative, and hopefully the same will apply to my students. 

I do believe that too much stress is counter productive and must be avoided, but the necessary level is a fine line and unfortunately is easy to mis-judge. 

I agree elevated levels of stress result in decreased productivity.  It is important to keep morale high and encourage a positive, uplifting, and supportive environment.  This can be achieved with something as simple as bringing in snacks or treats or team building/stress relieving exercises and activities. On the flip side a little stress can be a motivator the key is a healthy balance.  

@lmcgreerstaples : Avoid those in the workplace who are energized by causing problems and spreading gossip.



@noni :I agree with your insights. School is a very stressful enviroment for adult learners-finances, pressure, fear of success, and the daily drama that is life. As a college Director, I often find that I am the one that students feel comfortable unloading their stress on. Apparently my role inludes part time psychiatrist!!!


It is very important to sometimes just listen or be a shoulder to cry on. I have also found that the calmer I am in these situations, the calmer the student becomes. It is almost like I am absorbing their stress, but it is important to not take it on.  The sma approach applies to staff. If people feel that you genuinely care about them and are willing to listen, it can often diffuse difficult or stressful situations!!

@jajmal :

It is true that all stresses cannot be eliminated but the aim should be to prevent positive stress and anxiety from turning into toxic stress. I would like to suggest that fiscal planning and having a back up plan goes a long way in getting consumed by toxic stress.

@dgiles13 : i agree.  i think that knowing what triggers you is the key to managing stress.  Also good eating and resting habits can lead to managing stress as well.

@dgiles13 The latest research shows that stess is transferred between all people, even strangers.  If one member of a team is stressed, then all who come into contact with that person will exhibit signs of stress (increased heart rate, elevated cortisol and adrenalin levels etc.)  By being under stress you are negatively affecting the health of all those around you.

having less stree or no stress at all in the work-place may be accomplished by doing other activities on your daily life; those activities that are so hard to start, such as doing exercise at least three times per week.  Walking for 30 minutes, going to the park with your kids, reading for 15-20 minutes, whichever you think works best for you.  This can help you a great deal in your daily life. 

@sgoodenough : I often work from home and found that I frequently delay and/or postpone exercising even though I know I should be doing it and how it can reduce stress. I decided to find another way. Since I have two sets of stairs in my house I make it a point to go up and down the stairs 10 times 3 times during the day. Between that and meditation I feel better, sleep better and I'm told I have a better attitude. :-)

@lmcgreerstaples :

This was a great course. Once I took the little assessments within the course it showed me my stress levels. Great course once again.

I truly enjoy the fact that these are courses that are applicable immediately in the classroom and personally!

@lmcgreerstaples :I liked the comments about helping students manage stress. I was hoping for more of these in the course. However, for a short tutorial, it was helpful.

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