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I agree. We as students seem to be getting imaptient and taking things for granted and not focusing on the art of questioning

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In addition to follow up the students should be coached in a hybrid environment. Availability of ground resources is vital in success of online material as some students find it difficult to navigate online material. The difference in presentation in both online & ground classes is in stark contrast to one another

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@jajmal :

It is true that all stresses cannot be eliminated but the aim should be to prevent positive stress and anxiety from turning into toxic stress. I would like to suggest that fiscal planning and having a back up plan goes a long way in getting consumed by toxic stress.

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Workplace stress is one of the main reasons behind a stressful lifestyle. Workload, deadlines and difficult colleagues are some of the reasons behind the stressful environment.One of the main reasons i think that workplace stress gets escalated is because staff does not have a back up plan, especially a fiscal plan. Majority of times a stressful situation gets tied to the employee losing his job & that distracts the employee from focusing on the issue and thereby addressing the issue. The employees should have a back up plan to fall back on irrespective to how long they have been on… >>>

Maing a list of things to do on a daily basis has been helpful in time mangement for me. I make sure i cross out the do things from the list once completed. It gives you a sense of acclomplishments

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Meetings are an effective of communicating important/sensitive decisions. They are useful in decision making and resolving issues, but if not appropriately planned can be a waste of useful time and resources. In my experience many meetings that are called by Senior managers are irrelevant. WebEx and videoconferencing by using a power point and reading word by word is a waste of time of everybody. Meeting for the sake of meeting does not serve any purpose. Meetings called to justify certain person's role and position are also ineffective. This topic did not touch on an important point, which is how many… >>>

Being practical, setting manageable deadlines, & selecting a proper team goes a long way in achieving success & avoiding Stress

Letting the students know that we care.

Having options for students who are not performing satisfactorily.

To help attitude reflected by all institutional personnel.

Sharing with students success stories.

Having resources available to students.

Knowing when to say No & being honest with the students.

All these factors will let the students know that we genuinely care & they will assume responsibility & keep us involved in their progress 

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Retention is a very complicated subject & there are no easy solutions. If we are honest to ourselves & relate retention to our circumstances then we can find answers to this problem. Unfortunately there are so many situations we may have a solution to theoretically but practically it is not going to happen. Statements like that everything is possible with hard work is good & encouraging but is very hollow & does not mean anything. Therefore we need to be honest to ourselves & to the students & tell them there is very little chance of success upfront if there… >>>

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