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Maintenance and Growth | Origin: LC102

How would you describe a strong and active CTE community engagement in your community?

When students are working on community projects that are directly linked to a community need. 

A strong and active CTE community engagement would have its members taking on roles of responsibility. In our last 10 years, we try and have our community leaders take on some of these jobs but they are all too busy so we are usually stuck running everything and our goal is to get their input. 

I think it's when students are able to see the product of their efforts directly in the community.  For example, our construction class has built tiny libraries and mobile food pantries placed around the city and are working on a pole barn project with a component school district.

Active participation in projects that benefit the community with mutual involvement benefiting all paries.

By being engaged with the community and their needs.

A strong CTE community is one where students, staff, and community partners are enagegd in a mututally beneficial professional relationship that promotes strong CTE education and industry with in the community.

I think a strong CTE/Community engagement story for our center is our SkillsUSA crew working with a local non-profit which builds beds for needy families.  They say a direct need and worked with this organization to assist them by using their skills and helping our local families.  

One that successfully bridges community need with student growth

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