Michael DeTovar

Michael DeTovar

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I really appreciated the tools and tips and the end of the course. These are great ways to keep a checklist of what you are doing right/wrong and ways to improve. It's serves as a simple way to evaluate your performance and where you can improve. 


I think it is extremely important and beneficial to all stakeholders that we understand the use of assessments to revise or improve upon course material. In such a dynamic industry, there will always be ways to improve upon the process. With this change should come the desire to improve upon the process. 


I think that when using the peer-to-peer feedback or assessment it is important to introduce and explain the process to students prior to use. This can be a great tool and anothe ropportunity for collaboration and learning, but it shouldn't be the reason some students don't want to participate. Once students learn the process, it will become somewhat automatic each time it is used. 


Scaffolding remains an important part of student learning. In the classroom, it is important to identify and build upon students' prior knowledge in order to help reach the desired learning objectives. This is just as important in the online learning environment. 


I learned how the same considerations for in class templates transcend to the online learning environment. Consistency remains at the forefront and I agree with the use of targets for repeated functions for students. I this goes along with the gradual release of responsibility to students within the the course. 


You have to anticipate some of the difficulties that might be involved in an online course. Make an effort to provide students with avenues to remain successful. You must make clear and reiterate if necessary what the expectations and guidelnes are for the course as well. In some cases it may require further assistance for some students and you have to be prpared for those occassions as well. 


I have taken numerous online courses in college. I see how the instruction was organized and the benefits for myself in the classroom. 


I understand that students should feel assured that you are not only available but knowledgeable as well in the content. I like the idea of the student biography as an ice breaker. 


I plan to beome more familiar with the different applications provided within my district's CMS in order to provide students with a variety of ways to illustrate their learning. 


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