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New Manager Transitions | Origin: ML110 | New comment by Katrina Moultrie

Leaders should create an environment where people are respected and trusted, and the sign of a good leader is one who can adapt their leadership style to the personality of each individual.

Ongoing Management | Origin: OP121 | New comment by Katrina Moultrie

The learning management system should become your go-to source for providing instructor feedback and continuous communication.

Faculty Performance Consideration | Origin: OP121 | New comment by Katrina Moultrie

Have tools to implement a plan that perpetually maintains an online faculty executing a high level of instructional performance. Motivating instructors with consistent and frequent feedback on...

On-boarding New Faculty | Origin: OP121 | New comment by Katrina Moultrie

Communication just like in any other business is key to success! Instructors need a consistent and reliable communication between the institution and the instructor and the instructor with the...

Selection of Faculty Members | Origin: OP121 | New comment by Katrina Moultrie

Highlighting faculty qualifications that surpass the generally accepted standards can be one area of market differentiation for an institution i.e. hiring Medical Coding instructors that hold several...

Stress | New blog by Katrina Moultrie

More long walks on a daily basis and looking for a new hobby are just two of the ways I will try to manage my stress.