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Decision Concesis

The concept of breaking down a decision into smaller pieces was very helpful.


You are right. The answer to the question, “How do you eat an elephant?” is “One bite at a time.” Taking big projects or decisions and reducing them to a series of smaller pieces or decisions helps make them more manageable. I also like the use of task lists, check lists, and to-do lists when completing a project and plus/delta when making a decision.

Dr. Jamie Morley

Utilizing divrgent and convergent thinking:
1. Numerous angles can be viewed.
2. Then the angles should be studied to see which are similar or follow the same train of thought as another
3. Once the angles are narrowed down, a final plan can be devised by connecting the individual angles
4. A whiteboard should be used:
a. Each team member puts his/her angle on a sticky pad attached to the board.
b. One team member is chosen to group them into similarities.
c. Then the team as a whole can select the three or four, etc. best groups to develop their plan.

Thanks for the activity you provided.

Ron Obstfeld

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