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Leader or manager...

Should one expect the manager to be also the leader ?

I actually hate the work manger. Leader is more important to me. A true leader is a mentor to all of his staff.

Essentially both depending on what trait is needed at the time a manager definitely has to call upon leadership skills in their daily interactions on all levels.

Lots of dialogue recently regarding the topic of leader vs. manager. A quip I heard long ago: managers do things right, leaders do the right things. Often the roles of leader/manager are interchangable from situation to situation, but the differences that separate are crystal clear. Managers think about today, leaders think about tomorrow.

Managers can controll processes, solve problems and complete tasks, but a leader can articulate the vision, involve others in decision making, support employees and recognize them. The combination of leading and managing is what brings sucess to the company. You need to be both.

There is definitely a difference, but there are times when both styles are needed.

Yes, a manager is in my opinion also a leader. When representing the management team of any organization you are looked upon by the employees as a leader. You should always carry yourself as such. You have the ability to cast a positive or negative shadow to the employees. As a manager you are also measured by the leadership shadow you cast. A great manager also has specific characteristics that are in alignment with a leader.

In today’s world, a manager should be a leader. The leader is a person who inspires and mentors others. That’s a key for a successful work environment.

However, is not always like that. There are manager that lack of confidence, values, creativity, great interpersonal and communication skills necessary to be a leader. When that happens there is always chaos.

Regardless of your answer to this question, most employees expect that if you are their manager that you are a leader as well. I dont think you need to be a manager to be a strong leader. But I do beleive that you need to be a leader to be a strong manager

A person cannot rise above someone they submit themselves to, so in order to have an effective team, a manager will need to be a good leader as well. Using both skill sets when they are required.

I agree. A good manager should be a good leader. You can be a manager and a poor leader and you can also be a great leader and not hold the management title. The two should go hand in hand.

I believe a manager needs to have leadership qualities as well as managerial qualities. Often times the duties associated with managing and leading are connected and interchangeable, simultaneously. In the hiearchy of many organizations, today's leaders become tomorrows managers. My answer to the question is Yes, managers should also be leaders.

Ted Vitalie

I can't agree more. I think all managers are leaders; however, not every leader is a manager. Managers lead by example when they make decisions that reflect the mission of the organization. A manager needs to obtain certain results, and as a leader he or she sets the direction for those results to happen.

I agree, there is a place for both. A leader should be able to manage time and money.

Yes. A manager always leads by example. An excellent Manager most definately be a "Leader".

I agree that an excellent manager should be a leader, and I also believe that a person can be an excellent manager without being a leader.

I would say yes. Each one possess various traits that can be helpful in different situations. I think the best leader/manager is an individual that knows when to shut off the manager side of themselves and be a leader for their team. Sometimes this could be hard to do because some people are only managers and I am not too sure if you can train someone to be a leader. What does someone else think? Can you train a manager to be a leader too?

I think so, at least I hope so. Granted if you have someone who is super "wired" for management they are going to have a much more challenging time in seeing beyond the processes to the people. However I have personally coached some managers who have become, in time, better leaders. They will never be the "best" leaders but they do very well.

I NEVER considered myself a manager, ALWAYS considered myself a leader. After taking this course, I recognize how much the two titles overlap and I need to hone some of those managerial skills.

Great to hear it Rebecca. I was like you & almost thought "manager" was a bad word or a word for a bad leader. But yes, both skill sets are needed & valued.

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