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Im not sure if this a proper share, i just think the most dificult part is to keep it interesting for the learners.


Id appreciate suggestions =)

Different types.


mostly i like to give them a pop quiz so we can start a conversation around the questions they got wrong.


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I find that, although Active learning is most effective, I HAVE to lecture certain subjects because i just cant find a way to make an activity out of them. Any resources to find ideas for this situations ?
Im always afraid that guided notes lock an instructor into one path of teaching and takes away the ability to be spontaneous, any one have this problem ?
Can one use a sort pre-test as a judicial review type application ?
i wonder if someone in this forum has a couple of good examples on how to test musical people and try to define their different type of intelligence.
I find that when teaching audio consoles, its best to take an concrete approach and then an abstract. First we talk about the specific components and how they work and relate to each other. then we actually bring up example situations where they incorporate the components. Anyone else follow this process ?
So after reading this portion i get the impression that most of the learning that happens in an online course like this one is mostly written, with some visual learning as well. But what happens to us who are visual learners, or worst, Kinesthetic learners ? how do we make this online system work for us ?
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what is the best way of evaluating the effectiveness of your presentation ?
Should one expect the manager to be also the leader ?

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