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This forum is not facilitated by a faculty member. The intention of the forum is to allow you to interact with other course participants - career school professionals who have the same interests as you. You can start a new discussion thread on any topic related to this course or participate in any ongoing discussions. Go ahead, post a question and/or share your knowledge and experiences with your peers. Let us create an active learning community where we can all learn from each other.

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Great Course! :-)

I'm thinking of incorporating the course to our Institutional Faculty Improvement Plan for our program coordinators. The coordinators supervise between 2-8 instructors.

Any suggestions?

Hello Ramon,

Thank you for your feedback!

I also think this would be a good course to include in your Institutional Faculty Improvement Plan. As you may know we currently offer over 20 free courses. You can evaluate our various free courses with the help of your management team to develop a professional development curriculum for each of your school functional departments.

In addition to the free courses, you can also specify some formal training requirements based on our faculty-supported courses. We provide course completion certificates and CEUs for these fee-based courses.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need help in developing professional development curriculums for your personnel. Our ultimate goal is to improve the quality, efficiency and profitability of career schools and colleges through effective training of administrators, staff and faculty.

Yours in learning,

Amir Moghadam, Ph.D.
Executive Director
(714) 505-0901

We will most definitely incorporate your courses to our Institutional Faculty Development Plan. The fact that the faculty can complete the courses on-line and receive CEUs is particularly important to us.

You mention completion certificates and CEUs for free-based courses. Would that include MA101 and MA102? And how would one obtain them?

I have shared the information with other administrators in our college from various departments. Your courses will be incorporated to our Professional Development Plan for the coming year.

Thank you.

J. Ramon Villanueva

Hi Ramon,

In partnership with the Career College Association, we award certificates and CEUs for our fee-based courses (not the free courses). Our free courses are short tutorials that provide informal learning opportunities. Our fee-based courses are much more comprehensive and are facilitated by our expert faculty. Each fee-based online course is the equivalent of 4 hours of face-to-face instruction. Participants have 4 weeks to complete the 4 hours of learning activities (approximately one hour per module). Course completion requires passing module quizzes and a final quiz, as well as participation in each of the forum modules. Participants receive a Certificate of Completion (with 0.4 CEUs) upon successful completion of the course. The certificate is sent through email (with a link to print the certificate from our server). In addition, the designated manager ("Enrollment Key" purchaser) is provided with a "Key Panel" that includes links to completion certificates awarded to your personnel.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly (714-505-0901, if you have any further questions regarding our online training programs.

Hope you and your staff enjoy your e-learning journey at MaxKnowledge!


Hi Amir,

Hi Amir,

I misread the information you provided in the previous message. In any case, we will be signing up both faculty and several administrators to fee-based courses to earn CEU's.



I found the information provided was concise and well written. At the present time I am enrolled in one of your on-line courses but found the free tutorial to be just as informative.

This tutorial has reinforced some things that I may have known but not given a lot of thought to. Very informative and well worth the time.

course was very informative, good time to reinforce and implement. and do workshop

The course was very good. It contained ideas that increased my awareness of the different approaches that managers can use to accomplish necessary tasks.

I found the course to be a good refresher or reminder really, of information I already knew. It is a good idea to refresh your knowledge now and then so I did enjoy it.


This course reinforced what I've learned in my years of managent. I wanted to run through the course myself before implementing it for our program director training program. Thanks!

I teach Business Management courses and found this to be a great review/summary of important management styles. I enjoyed the tutorial very much.

This a great learning tool. It has helped me to consider some of my more challenging moments with a little different perspective.

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