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You Tube

One problem I have had in an online course was having all my content pulled because we were utilizing videos from youtube.
The clips were not that long, and involved film clips for a film can you teach film if you don't look at film.
Even uploading the QT file that came with the book became an issue, so I am surprised that youtube videos would be considered as a viable teaching tool.

Vallorie ,

I am sorry you have had so many problems. I have found YouTube to be very helpful. Do you have access to screen capture to make your own videos? That might help.

Dr. Kelly Wilkinson

You Tube is fabulous. I incorporate it into my on-ground classes, because sometimes all you want to see is that scene.
It's taking it online that seems to be problematic.

Vimeo is also very good, especially to see, say for example, demo reel samples.

Vallorie ,

I use it often in online. In fact, my LMS makes it easier to use online and I can monitor who watches it. It really is great. I also use Jing as a way for students to record.

Dr. Kelly Wilkinson

There are copyright issues involved here. It is a matter of who is making the money. A profit-making institution is only interested in maximizing profits (see Dodge v. Ford, 1918), not educating students, I am sorry to bust your bubble, but it is the nature of capitalism. Get rid of capitalism, and things will change, but then again, in the United States, that statement is blasphemy.

Donald L. Buresh

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