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Teaching is Learning

Power Point Presentations are an execellent way of going over specific contents, explain it to others and at the same time give you the opportunity of learning the material.

Excellent, but they do need interactive learning in-between slides as a bereak.

some times you need to use multi media to give examples of what the lecture is talking about

The advancement of technology makes the information available to students with the tap or swipe of their finger on their smart phones, tablets or even on their watches. The utilization of these electronic gadgets can be used in classrooms to create an interactive learning activities and to facilitate critical thinking among learners, however, proper supervision is highly encouraged.  

Powerpoint presentations can be used as an enhancement however it can also be considered as passive learning if the slides are read and not used for engagement. Powerpoint presentations that use short clips and questions that can engage learners can facilitate learning. Our generational students' lifespan is taken away by media and as instructors, we need to integrate multiple ways of teaching to assist our learners.

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