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Need of adjusting your "generic soft skills" to each "specific environment"

To me as a teacher, it is paramount that it is not only necessary to "have" or perform these "generic soft skills", but also quite important to adjust those "personal abilities and attitudes" to each specific environment.

In this regard, I would define the "environment" as the students -and everything related to their educational capabilities- and the teaching conditions in which you deliver your classes.

I truly believe it is quite important for a good teacher to successfully identify and quickly analyze the different key aspects that involve and have an impact on both, your students and learning and teaching conditions to effectively apply your "soft skills abilities and tips"

Definitively, It has been a great course and fully focused on a critical skill. It is a pity that it is not shared the bibliography that is linked or related to this interesting matter. I will try to make some research and when getting it, I will share it with you over here


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