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Instructor Success

In order to effetively manage a class, an instructor must show his or her students that he/she is knowledgable and cares about their success.

I concur. Students want instructors who have a solid frame of reference and are credible subject matter experts. They have to believe that the instruction they are receiving in the classroom is reliable and useful. Additionally, students gravitate towards instructors who genuinely want students to succeed. I find that a balance of showing compassion while still requiring students to be accountable is the best way to demonstrate to students you care about their success.

I couldn't agree more.  We are going threw changes here in my department and have a new leader who is doing a great job with the students and I believe if we all back each other up we will show the students we all truely want their success.  Thanks so much for your comments Brandalyn.

I do agree with your reference and the sources that I have found to be ceridble. Learning how to communicate and delegate class assignments and understanding the enviroment we are working with is challenging yet rewarding in the same breath. Students want instructors who interact and include them in the process. This allows for expressions on the subject matter as well as direct communication to be open to the classroom enviroment.

Thanks so much for the vaild information implemented. Ms. Ginell Agnew

I truly believe that we as instructors must show the same respect to students that we expect from them. I find that students are more engaged in my classroom when they know that i am totally dedicated to the teaching process and truly care about their learning experience.

I have found that my nonverbal attitude greatly affects my class. When I touch my classroom doorknob I mentally leave all my personal problems outside. Once I go in it's "the show is on". The students sense that they are the most imortant things in my life. After class I pick up my worldly problems and go home.

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