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Angry Students

Once angry students "explode" in class, the situation needs to be contained immediately. The other students in the room are watching very carefully to see how the situation is going to be resolved.

Hi Ricky,
You are right all eyes are on the instructor when a student does not behave appropriately. The students want the problem handled. The angry student needs to be dealt with quickly and swiftly.

Patricia Scales

Let's try to intervene before this angry student loses it and involves the class in an unpleasant and
unproductive situation. By listening to some of this student's issues, we can hopefully engage them and show them that we have a concern and wish to
intervene before the situation is out of hand. It's the building up and non venting of these issues
that can escalate the situation which is something
we should all want to prevent.

Also us as instructor we have to take control of the situation, always showing the respect factor

This has been helpful. What I have run into are students expressing anger as they are leaving the classroom due to an assignment I have given such as a paper or reading. I do not know how to handle this as the class is over and they are expressing their anger as they are leaving the classroom. We have a student advising form with attitude as part of the checklist. I have wondered whether to meet with them one on one and document

I am agree with that they have to respect the teachers all the time even if they are angry , teachers always has the class control .

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