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Day One of Class

Properly reviewing the class Syllabus is critical.
I stress all of the key points and open the discussion in class so that everybody in class is engaged to how they are to be evaluated for the course. The due dates are emphasized and also posted in class in advance to try and eliminate confusion.

It is good to make the Syllabi clear and have students ask any questions they may have about the requirments before you start to get into the classes and the schedule.


Hi Ricky,
Going over the syllabus thoroughly and clearing up any unclear points students may have is a great way to ensure clarity.

Patricia Scales

Hi Sheila,
Absolutely! We want our students to be extremely clear about rules, policies, procedures, assignments, deadlines, etc.

Patricia Scales

This is my first start to a class. I have learned alot about how to engage my students in what they are about to learn. I also have realized how much work you have to do to prepare for the first day of class. I am looking forward to my first day of class and with this information I am going to review the class information again.

going thru the syllabus is essential so that the students will know what to expect and challenge themselves to meet the requirments.

Hi Mandy,
Preparation is key! Make sure you are well prepared for each day so that your student are not short changed.

Patricia Scales

Hi Angela,
Students want to and need to know on Day 1 exactly what is expected of them so that there are no surprises.

Patricia Scales

I am approaching my very first start as well. Do you plan to present basic classroom rules (cell phones, food, etc...) in the syllabus or as a separate handout/subject? Post rules in class or is that too high school?

Hi Mary,
It is a must to present basic rules. I present my rules in the syllabus. It is also a great idea to give them a separate handout, and I have even known some instructors to secure a signature. You generally do not see rules posted in class at the collegian level.

Patricia Scales

I agree about going over the syllabus on "Day 1", it help the students identify the course outline and your expectations for the course.

Hi GeO-Vanna,
Covering the syllabus on Day 1 is crucial. Students need to know exactly what is expected of them.

Patricia Scales

Hi Ricky, I have recently adopted a procedure suggested by another instructor at my college. I add a one paragraph learning contract at the end of the syllabus. Each student who signs and returns that sheet to me on the first day of class EXPLICITLY agrees that he or she has read the syllabus and the classroom policies, knows the procedures to contact me when there is a legitimate emergency or need to be absent from class, and acknowledges the need to schedule "homework time" outside of class meetings.

Hi Fred,
I think it is a great idea. Students take things more seriously when you secure their signature. Students are really held accountable by signing.

Patricia Scales

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