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When dealing with students and home life I try make sure that the things on the top of my to do list come first whether it be for home or work.

to do lists are key but they don't work if you don't understand how to prioritize. you must always do what takes the longest first.It is a hard skill to learn but you must make yourself

I not only completely agree with this, but I also can relate to it. I'm a true-blue believer in "to-do" lists, and I try and prioritize as much as possible; however, I also know that I have an issue with immediacy that goes with that list because I have a hard time keeping from putting a 1 on everything!

However, I did see something in this particular segment that I'm going to try. I'm not used to making a task list, then going through and making sub-tasks under them. I'm used to analyzing everything and dropping all the sub-tasks on one list, then prioritizing it. If I just make a list of major tasks followed by sub-tasking, then go through and number from 1 to whatever (not using multiple 1s), I think I will be able to keep some logic to it all.

Donnie B.

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