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Great Suggestions for Adult Learners

Adult learners are different from young-just out of high school students. Some adult learners are intimitaded and I think it is the instructor's responsibility to help the adult learner to feel comfortable in class and to get them involved so that the anxiety and intimitation will subside.

The biggest issues we will face with the newest generation is their desire to be controversial, to protest, to be indignant. Years ago, when I was taking actual "in class" college classes, we were able to use our experiences and knwoledge to help the younger students.  They looked at us as "ma'am and sir".  Now they look at us as "old-has-been with antiquated thoughts" type of people and will have to learn from their failures.  

I wish it was as easy as "hey classmate, I've been in the workforce for 15 years now and can tell you that this approach we are learning in this class actually works".  

The adult-learner needs to be able to contribute and the instructor needs to be able to use them (and their experiences) as teaching tools. 


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