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I feel as a director of training its important for instructors to speak to there students one on one ( IN THE PROPER SETTING )to help identify the potential setbacks and struggles there students face ( family , transportation, girlfriend , boyfriend , ect, ) in order to bridge the gap in the learning process and provide effective instruction and help avoid possible gaps in the learning process

Hi Frank,
You comments are right on. An instructor needs to establish a rapport base with each student in order to have a sense identity with that student. This rapport helps the instructor to understand when certain issues come up with a student. I believe that this rapport greatly aids in keeping the student in class as well.


Hi GARY, i agree with you 100% and thankyou for your input.


Hi Eddie,
What do you see as being the three most important ways of helping your students see how what they are learning fits into their career field?

Hello Frank

I think your point is very important. I personaly have been doing exactly what you addressed for over 4 years now. I have seen some great results. It helped me identify the most important problems that need to be solved. It is specially helpfull when it is done one on one basis. Having students know there is someone who cares about their learning is a great plus too.

Thank you.

I think you are absolutely right, personal contact with students is very important in keeping them on target with their studies, and helps you stay be involved early on with problem solving any difficulties that arise throughout the course.

A good listener as well as a comunicator can be a ray of sunshine to a student as well to coworkers.

I agree with knowing where you're students are at. If you notice them struggling, or their minds wandering, it may be a sign of problems outside of the school setting. If we can catch this early on, we may be able to intervein and help them refocus their attention on their learning. Isn't that why most students are in school?

I agree Frank, helping students identify potential setbacks will help them enable to put roadblocks at a minimum and press on.

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