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It is good not to loose your temper in stressfull times.  It shows emotional intelligence.


So easily overlooked so often, the importance of developing strong social skills & being able to connect with others


Emotional intelligence is an indispensible  introspective tool for ascertaining and evaluating one's own disposition. This impacts significantly the ability to communicate information.

Emotional intelligence is important to understand.

Emotional intelligence is an important part of a student's cognitive make-up. How a student feels and perceives others throughout the day will affect the behavior and learning of the student. If a student is caught up in emotion, it is difficult to allow more information to be gathered and understood.

Emotional intelligence/learning is critical to academic learning.  In my profession of nursing education, there is huge emphasis on the synthesis of knowledge (facts, etc., ) but without the emotional maturity to process this and apply it to the actual patient and their needs with some accuracy and commitment, patients can actually suffer the consequences!

Emotional Intelligence is a much needed skill set for everyone involved in the learning process. Teachers, students, staff, and administration would all benefit from learning about Emotional Intelligence and practicing the components of EI on a daily basis. The learning environment would be much improved if EI was taught and encouraged regularly.

It is important for instructors to remember that students have different emotional intelligence, and differing ways of learning.

It is intriguing to see how reading affects empathy and therefore has an impact on emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence helps with sociality which is interesting. I wonder about moments of disagreement, and or standing up for a justice, that may make the social scenario much different, whether that dictates poor emotional intelligence or not due to someone else possibly taking offense.

the emotional intelligence is to manifest the emotion but the correct proportion according to the context

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