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I believe this is one of the most important parts of the day. A recap of the days events, learnings. Just last night a student was in the class room I asked what was new today (learned)One student said he didn't know how to remove the second gauge set now he does. And of courses you have the one that didn't learn anything. I thought you had never used a fish scale? answer I hadn't but I figured it out. So if you learn how to use it on your own what it doesn't count? It's funny sometimes how a student thinks and justafies his thinking process. But getting back to reviews you are correct it does give an idea of how the student absorded the information from the day. Reviews need to be done each and every day.

I totally agree! I lecture and then demo, then right before I send my students off to production I re-cap on everything we just went over be fore the begin. We also hold a round table discussion right before they are dismissed for the day to once again re-cap on the days lesson and previous days info. Retention of info!

I find my teaching style similar to Erin's teaching style. Many students like the round table discussion and feel empowered to have this opportunity.

i strongly agree that a re-cap of a days teachings are of utmost importance. however, i like to do it the next day and again at the end of the course. some students forget from one minute to the next but will be able to remember in details a while later.

I think that reviewing is a great way to recap the days lesson. I find that the students are better able to understand

Often I will have students do the end of the day summary, just by asking, "So, who wants to recap what we learned today?" Typically several students will volunteer and will interject to remind the speaker of other information. This works well and students leave with a reminder of all the new knowledge they've gained.

As an instructor, it also allows me to gauge what I have taught, if I have missed anything and points that I need to reemphasize, or deemphasize. And, knowing I will ask this question encourages students to take better notes.

I find my teaching style similar to both Erin's and Patricia, but the other thing that I do is I will have a quick discussion and informal verbal quiz on the technique or demo from the day before the next day. This really helps the students learn and reinforce the techniques they have just learned and keep the retention of the information at a high level.

I agree. At the beginning of each day I try to incorporate a mini review of the previous day to show how concepts and competentcies build on each other. I also review or "recap" my lecture when I am finished to reinforce the information. Finally I do a brief review at the end of the day.

I make it a regular habit to open each new class with a review of what had been focus of prior week classtime..I assume that some of my student need to think back as to the main points to be remembered and applied as we Foundations we build on each of the elements and principles that are expected to be incorporated weekly as the class progresses...

I agree with Charlotte.........she was one of my former instructors! Something I learned from Charlotte is that opening up with a review exercise really gives the student a cumulative benefit for memory retention.
I use this method for all classes today. You start to see a sparkle in the students eye and confidence build through this application process.

You are correct in your account of reviewing with students. It does give students the chance to see how much they really did learn each day. I always try to leave 10 minutes at the end of each class to review items that we covered that day and I always start the class by going over the previous days results so students can be aware of what is going on in the classroom

Review and repetition are two powerful learning methods, certainly.

need to incorporate more of this in my teaching.

I often will ask students if there are any questons about what we went over during class. Most of the time, none of them will ask. Theye are afraid of looking bad in front of their peers. I use a fun thing at times. I have each student write down a question about todays lesson, put them in a hat and have each student draw a question to answer. We often have some pretty lively discussions.

What a great idea to get all the students involved in the subject matter.This should get the students that normally would not say a word in class at least talking about the materil that was presented that day.


Reviewing also helps to put a finer point on a subject where the student better understands what may have been a little hazy before. The review gives the student another opportunity to understand the subject.

Hello Cecil,
I agree. It is so important that I have actually incorporated the daily review on formal teacher observations. If an instructor is observed and the daily review is re-enforced the classroom becomes more successful.

Extremely important to ensure they aknoledge
the information.
Most of the time brings another set of question
asked previously on the daily subject or assignement.

I review daily always before and after class

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