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Multi-format instruction

I find that it is best to vary instructional methods within a class, as well as the delivery format, in order to keep the lesson fresh and interesting. This is especially true in longer classes or when teaching seminars (such as some 6-hour seminars I've delivered).

Planning, of course, is very necessary. The teacher needs to have a clear idea of when and how to change the dynamics of the classroom so as to provide a smooth and interesting lesson.

The multi-format instruction topic is of interest to me because, like the author of this topic, I have taught 5 hour classes, 5 days per week. Multi-format instruction is essential in such a situation. Lectures, if possible for 5 hrs, 5 days/week would indeed anesthetize the students, but lectures, punctuated by discussion, by labs, etc. can be actively engaging for students.
Concluding each day of instruction is well served by a Case Study, allowing students to demonstrate to themselves that they have indeed learned new concepts.

Multi-format instuction is a must especially when teaching calculations. Afte 1 hour of equations and calculations thee is a dazed look on the student's face. Switching to lab and hands on application of the concept is really helpful.

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