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Communication is key!

Its important to properly document and update student files. 

Its important to study the law daily. Information changes and it is our job to know and apply the law at all times.

I have learned the importance of balancing the trust in the student, the institution and the Department of education.  

It is best to make sure that Admissions and Financial Aid departments are separate.  It is also important to make sure all diplomas/transcripts are valid.  

This Module allows to evaluate the distinctions between Compliance Audits and Financial Statement Audits.
• Recognize when and where these audits should be performed.
• Identify who can perform these audits.
• Determine appropriate solutions for problems discovered in these audits.

This Module describes changes that require notification and approval of the Department or simply notification. The actions that can trigger a Program Review and determine the main fiscal reports required for compliance with Federal Student Aid regulations are recognized.


Maxis Casanueva

I learned that the time of respond it's of the essence, we need to respond in a timely manner to best help our student, within 48 hours of the 1st meeting from Admissions. and that we all are an extension of Customer service. 

In this Module i have learned to identify the requirements and procedures necessary to obtain the funds awarded to their students, as well as the COD and calculate the return on Title IV funds.

In this Module i learned about the importance of implementing a Procedure that allows knowing the student's eligibility, giving a timely response to their concerns, identifying financial aid opportunities, processing it, if applicable, as well as monitoring their disbursements, once the aid is approved.

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