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In order of a Financial Aid Office to run efficiently one must provide a provide a positive customer service experience, and exercise timeliness and accuracy when processing students aid. I feel the key component is customer service as we are always making an impression on the student and their families. I liked the examples provided on how to reword your typical statements and will share these with my colleagues.

Admissions practices are highly regulated to ensure there are no false or misleading information and that student aid is awarded correctly

The "brick wall" admissions and financial aid is not something that you would think about till you start looking into the reasons why, especially since the federal government is always changing regulations as do the states on funding.  Also the thought that people would go to that much work to obtain a "fake diploma" is eye opening.  



Take student complaints seriously and maintaining good customer service with every student at all times to make their experience better.


Thank you it was helpful.

Very good  and helpful information.

Very interesting, informative and helpful.

I recently started working in Financial Aid Office and everything in this module is very important to me.

I have learned that to run a successful financial aid department you must take action, timeliness, accuracy and service is of the most importance.

Communication and teamwork between admissions and financial aid is key in order to stay in compliance with rules and regulations governing the use of federal funds for education. 

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