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I have learned the importance of taking care of the student needs and concerns by being as through as possible using all the tools that are available to me. especially, by educating myself and adding other layers of processing in order to prevent costly, and time consuming mistakes.

I have learned a lot the sale of school, and how detailed and thorough the record keeping must be to keep the doors open for a school or to ensure there is no program review. 

I was aware of all this information including the new process for schools who have classes in modules as well. Something I learned at my last institution a year ago. 

Efficient time management, effective customer service, and thorough processing is what creates an effective Financial Aid department. Since starting this profession, I have learned that financial aid is not a race it is a marathon, taking your time is okay to ensure your office is in compliance, but also ensuring the students are meeting their needs. Financial aid is practically in the customer service industry so being respectful, informative, and understanding is certainly important for individuals in the department. 

I learned that for an efffective financial aid office that meets program compliances and achieve student satisfaction; timeliness, accuracy and service are instrumental requirements for that success.

Communication is key!

Its important to properly document and update student files. 

Its important to study the law daily. Information changes and it is our job to know and apply the law at all times.

I have learned the importance of balancing the trust in the student, the institution and the Department of education.  

It is best to make sure that Admissions and Financial Aid departments are separate.  It is also important to make sure all diplomas/transcripts are valid.  

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