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The sanctions listed should certainly be a deterrent for anyone who knowingly or willingly commits a violation. 

It was very helpful to review the program review triggers. I wasn't aware that withdrawal rates could trigger a program review.

I was unaware, until now, that there is a new R2T4 process related to programs taught in modules.

Even the most efficient operations are ineffective without good customer service.

Attention to detail and dates is key when working in FA.

As someone who is not very familiar with the financiial aid aspects of an institution, I found all of this imformative. 


Involving other offices on campus to assist in promoting financial literacy and understanding loan debt.


I have learned that it is a team effort ot prepare for an audit.  It is most important to have policies/procedures in place to ensure an audit finds onyl minor issues due...

Administering Title IV is a big responsibility and as Financial Aid Managers we need to make sure that our team is properly train to avoid any violations due to ignorance of...

I have learned how crucial is the involvement of all departments to make sure a program will not be selected for a Department of Education Review. 


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