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Never attempt to read between the lines of the law or regulation.

It is important to help students achieve their education goals, but at the same time stay within the regulation requirements.

Students have many options that allow them to repay their loans and accommodate any changes brought upon them by life. Deferment and forbearance are useful tools and should be conveyed to them to ensure they are aware they have that as an option, but the strings attached to both should also be conveyed to students.

Entrance and Exit Counseling are opportunities to educate students of their rights as borrowers and the responsibility of loan repayment. One should be wary of overloading the student with information and instead should ensure concise sessions with relevant information that can be digested by the student.

Confirming information through mailing grades and reaching out to references provided during enrollment is a way to ensure the student doesn't disappear if they drop out of school. It also makes contacting them easier if they change phone numbers or addresses without informing the school.

Imparting the importance of repaying student loans involves various ways of conveying the information, from presentation to how the faculty treats the concept of student loans. Repetition for the sake of retention may also play a role in educating students into taking their repayment of loans seriously.

There are various ways to complete the form and rescue that a student can do before choosing an educational institution. They may have more information about funds and coverage for tuition at the chosen university.

Learned more on the abbreviations! 

I learned how important it is to have the best customer service to the students as they are our priority. 

Using ISIR Guide on is the best advice for resolving C codes.

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