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I found it very beneficial to know that students who are pregnant and expecting the child during the academic year, CAN answer questions on FAFSA to classify them as independent. 

In my office, there are two enduring principles prominently displayed on a plaque. The first underscores the importance of avoiding speculation or interpretation beyond explicit directives. The second asserts that if an action is not expressly prohibited by law or regulations, it is deemed permissible.
I have gained an understanding of the sanctions and corrective actions imposed by the Federal Student Aid (FSA) for violations. I recognize the significant repercussions that can arise if FSA procedures are not adhered to correctly, potentially impacting both students and the institution. Maintaining compliance with relevant laws and regulations is paramount to safeguarding the interests of all involved parties, emphasizing the critical importance of staying abreast of evolving rules and regulations.

Work good with your whole team.

Learning to working with everyone as team.


Can anyone call the school inquiring about a student where about?

Student account and financial aid has to work together. Student account has 14 days to disbursed the funds. If a student does attend. the financial aid has 30 days to return the funds. No later than 45 days.

Remedial courses are not cover by FSA.

I learned how to interact with admission. Staying in compliance with the high school diploma and don't change any information or misrepresention the school with false information. Admission or financial aid are not allow to receive bonuses base on a student enrolling in the program. Pretty much just stay in compliance.

It is important to provide the student with all the options they have to repay their loans. Empowering with all the knowledge is key for them to be able to pay back their loans in the best way that will work for them. 

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