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Exploring the students "why".

I found the breakdown of the four subtye sof personal energy to be fascinating. I often feel that my energy is off balance and by understanding these dimensions better I can make positive changes. 

This segment has made me want to improve our process from inquiry to admission.

Gathering information will only help you in the long run! Remember to ask questions and keep "peeling the onion" to find out more. 

Body language and tone are very important

It is important to realize the impact our attitude has on others. We can do great harm to our students and also cause them to not want to come to our school if we are not mindful of our attitude. It is also important to note we determine our attitude. 

I appreciate that my role is engagement with the student through start and beyond. That how I talk with them greatly impact their feelings for my institution.  

I agree with the presenter that our students are the best sources for referrals. I also find that retention for student referred students is higher than all other categories.

I always thought that admissions scripts were one of the best ways to ensure that admissions staff conduct thorough, meaningful interviews. After completing this module, it's clear to me now that admissions scripts limit the amount of useful information you will get from a prospective students during the interview. 

Asking the right questions can help pinpoint where the issues are, and identify potential approaches to solving them.

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