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It is important to offer the most tuition help available and be honest about the options when the options might be limited. Having a leadership role incorporates supporting the student which in turn makes them feel comfortable and content to refer the program to their peers.

Having a personalized tour while being as helpful as possible to how the programs being discussed can benefit the students. Students may not always feel as though a program is the best fit for them but having the opportunity to lead them into the direction of a program can possibly have them re-think their decision.

The difference between focused listening and global listening made me understand how I should apply group listening to students. Focused listening can simply not be good enough to understanding a student because can lead to biases of wanting a conversation to head a certain way, perhaps to get to a point to end the conversation rapidly.

I have learned of meeting a student eye-to-eye on their goals so that they have an experience that would motivate them to be more invested in their learning experience and in turn, this is good for the organization.

I had never considered the various roles that team members play.  I wish there were printable quizzes or team building activities that that were provided to help teams find out who finds which roles most relateable.

What I am happy to realize is that for the first time professionally I actually work in a really great cohesive environment for collaboration.  It really does come down to the people as a team working towards the goal and not for the specific interests of any one person.


Self Improvement will ripple through your life and motivate others to be better around you. Do more follow up with students as well. 

Offer lists of resources to them when they have a barrier that they can't seem to figure out on their own. Be honest, don't tell people what they want to hear. Be empathetic. Its okay if they don't choose your school. 

This is great! So wonderful to learn about what options they are already using or not using to overcome their stumbling blocks. I tend to talk too much, and not listen enough about what they're already using instead of throwing out solutions first. 

I learned that this is a mutual relationship. It is not about the student filling out paperwork, but openly discussing mutual interests and goals. Developing a relationship with people is first and foremost. I plan to follow up more regularly with my leads to ask them how they are doing in their endeavors, goals, and plans. 

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