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Helping students its the key for a good standing to enrollment process

Admission information very explained

I like it. That module help us to development ideas to explore methods to develop advertising campaign to obtain referrals in the community and students too.

The student has the confidence to explain their situation if they feel they are heard. Admission has the perfect combination to be emphatic with that student.

The prospect has many insecurities when making a decision, because has external alternatives form other college. Listening the prospect is the key that demonstrates excellent ethics to begin offering the service to the need to be listened and guided to achieve their academic goals.

This module help us consider modernizing ideas to convince of the importance of the academic professional development and prospect's admission process.

Energy is contagious just like attitude! Energy management is more important than time management is very interesting! 

Your attitude reflects on everyone! A positive attitude can enhance your mental and physical well-being. 

The relationship cycle is crucial to know with building the trust with potential student with the programs offered. Understanding their setbacks is also crucial, which will help paint the big picture for when they graduate. 

I learned how to establish rapport with potential students. Also, is understanding the relationship. It is very important to listen and find the needs of potentials students. What is their motivations and what does my institution offer.

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