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Helping students find resources for their challenges will help them be successfully enroll and prepare for college.

It is imperative to be aware and to listen to the background, culture, and economical experiences of our students so that we can be sensitive and in tuned with challenges that they may face and concerns that may occur because of their current situation. 

The enrollment process of a new student is the beginning of the prospective student's educational journey and it is important to develop rapport and communicate clear and effectively with the student to start them off with a positive and lasting impression of the institution and the process.

To improve teamwork and ensure effectiveness, it is important that all parties have clear tasks and assignments so that everyone works efficiently and get the task done. 

Sharing best practices is the best way to work efficiently as a team and ensure that everyone has the capabilities of doing their best in the workplace. 

It is important to acknowledge and identify the generational differences that each stage possesses to understand how to effectively communicate with them and how to assist them properly. 

Learning the different characteristics of each generation will help with engaging and encouraging them in future decisions that are related to their schooling and future. A great way to identify concerns that may arise for them.  

It is important to be enthusiastic and meaningful when you leave a message for someone because you want to give them a reason to call you back. Intrigue and consideration are guaranteed ways to spark interest and a call back.

I think this helps us to better understand the why behind the obstacles, reschedules, and the no-shows and how to effectively address, identify, and learn from them.

Remembering the 7 P's of phone etiquette will help keep you focused and in tune with your prospective student. It is so easy in the new age of technology to multitask and to be distracted from your phone conversation so it is essential to be centered and focused on the caller and their needs.

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