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This session helped in establishing a structure and a process to the student "Success plan" and setting of expectations. 

 Improving Resourcefulness is an accountability and responsibility that (rightfully) the admissions rep. should take sole 'ownership' of. As admissions reps. we should be, have access to and always be seeking out resources for students. Ensuring to always be building value is self as well. 

"Exploring the Prospective Student's Environment" was thought provoking. This is a very important component of/in a prospective students enrollment process. My "takeaway" was obviously the importance on listening, delving deeper, finding the "Why", obstacles, strengths, support all of that! A "blueprint" to selling yourself with ethics, integrity and trustworthiness. "Why" they should "buy" into YOU(Rep.). 

The most beneficial and obvious focus of this segment that I noticed was the emphasis placed on the "Why"; delving deeper, exploring (respectfully) to both motivate and understand the students position and perspective. 

When making phone calls making sure that your tone of voice is not monotone or sounds disinterested. Using body language even when on the phone so that you are also engaged in the conversation.


When the student has a challenge he is really thinking in our school  with a positive choice.

Acknowledging that challenges can be of benefit to us when presenting to a student. Providing them with information that can ease those challenges. 

Implementing visual aids into your presentation helps with engaging the prospective student and also making sure to address both the student and whoever they may bring with them to the appointment. They can help in reassuring the student on their decision if they are also briefed on the value and benefits.

The value to each student will be different and will impact if they decide to enroll or not. Using the value equation, and creating "new value" helps with adjusting how to talk to each student.

I understand the points of difference are important to our prospective student.

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