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I've learned to have a good listening skills and focus on the speaker without bias. 

The value of our school is based on the prospective students perception. Value=Benefit= Effort=Risk=Price.


This session was very informative.  This statement really stood to me " The prospective students perception of the schools worth defines value." The admin plays a huge role on drawing a potential student in.

I feel a sense of responsibility more now than prior to this brief training. I have always know these things but it is necessary to get a fresh insight or take on what it is that I actually do. 

Comment on Ricardo Martin's post: I agree...attitude is a key component to success.


Follow-up has to be a part of the foundation for a student admission. Staff has to understand the importance of follow-up.

Addressing challenges are the key to giving students the information they need to make final decisions to attend school.  We must meet their challenges with confidence and assurance that our school can meet their needs.

Effective communication is critical to providing students the most productive and quality education. Students must feel as if they matter individually not just another student. Their learning should be customized to meet their needs.

The admissions process has to change to meet the evolution of education as well as health care. Our organization will focus on building relationships with the communities in order to establish relationships and understanding of the prospective students.

Identify strengths and weaknesses of each member

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