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Follow-up means continuity and interest in the potential new student.
Turn a difficulty into a positive objective to attract a new student.
The key is in the relationship and understanding the needs of the student
Use your resources to create the best pathway. Get to know the prospect to assist in their choices
Listening can be applied to many areas but in the admissions process you should understand the challenges and goals of the student
I learned the importance of the process and bonding with the applicant

The information process in additions must evolve with the needs of current students.

People skills and active listening go hand in hand; they also exceed the amount of impact one can have with accurate program information and sales skills. 

Active listening is very important when understanding what students need and want.  By being present and reiterating/repeating their needs and questions to be clear in our own understanding we can help them to achieve their goals.   

Try to be actively listening to a person's response instead of partially hearing and thinking of a reply ahead of time.

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