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The session was incredibly insightful, providing me with valuable information on how to enhance the value of my school. I also gained a better understanding of the important factors to consider when creating a strategy to elevate our program's worth.

I appreciate Dr. Belbin's 9team roles broken into three categories. I also see how the follow Benjamin Blooms taxonomy. 

1. Action Oriented (Behavioral/psychomotor)
2. People Oriented (Affective)
3. Cerebral Oriented (Cognitive)

It's interesting that sales skills and product knowledge are such a small part of the essential skills of communication. This is good news for me because I naturally have a good attitude and people skills.

This section acted as a refresher. We realize the importance of attitude but appreciate being reminded of the impact a positive attitude has on fellow team members and prospective and current students. 

I learned that listening is the most important component of communication.

A lot of what was covered is information I already know but it was good to get affirmation that I understand communication pretty well. The principles that stood out the most for me were that's it's very important how you ask questions. You don't want to cause someone to become defensive. The other principle is body language. I feel like I may need to be more aware of mine.

It is effective when you are aware that every team member has a different role and you'll be successful when allowing each to act in their role accordingly. 

It is key when collaborating with others to be open minded and allow others to do so as well. 

I've learned that in order to have effective communication, understand the best way to communicate with a specific generation.

Understanding the different generations can really help in teaching each other and communicating with one another. 

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