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·      Voicemail is most effective for brief messages. It allows the person to call back at their own convenience, and we don’t have to keep calling them every fifteen minutes hoping to reach them.
·      The purpose of leaving a message is to expedite communication – the caller immediately knows why you’re calling, and they have a short-term record of your message.  

The 3 F’s method is a way to respond to people’s objections using three statements: 
·      in the first, you empathize with the person’s feeling; 
·      in the second, you normalize it by stating how others have felt the same way; 
·      and in the third you neutralize it by pointing out the positive results of others in their situation. Be sure to tie your institution’s benefits to your “feel, felt, found” statements.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice. Develop your call outline, practice your script, and do it again and again until it becomes natural to you. Then get on the phone, smile, and start dialing.

The 7 p’s of telephone etiquette
Effective telephone etiquette requires you to be:
·      Prepared
·      Present
·      Polite
·      Patient
·      Personable
·      Professional
·      Proactive

Mirroring body language, you can test to see if you have rapport with other people by changing your posture or moving a part of your body and see if they do the same thing in return.

Listen to the feeling behind the message, then the content that was said. Repeat, rephrase, reflect.

Being non biased and reducing internal/external noise will help you to listen effectively.

I like the technique of mirroring back in forth during the close

It is so easy to start forming responses before the other person finishes what they are saying.  It's an anxious sort of tic, but it is actually less stressful to hear the other person out so your answer makes sense.

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