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By building relationships you develop more buy-in and also increase the chance for referrals. 

Adding value is what connects the attributes to the goals of the student. 

The concept of Global Listening is really interesting and absolutely essential. It was eye-opening how often we drift into Internal Listening. 

I learned the importance of Attitude and People Skills, not just product knowledge. Sometimes we get too excited about what we're discussing and want to just dump information on students, but this process needs to be more collaborative. 

I have learned to differentiate between empathy and sympathy and to be aware of circumstances that may contribute to the unique perspective of others. 

Collaboration across departments is essential in maintaining the school's value to students, which in turn assists in maintaining student engagement through graduation.

This section opened my eyes up to having a system in place for prospective student challenges.  I really liked the section on empathy.

It is extremely important to listen to the prospective student's interests, needs and questions.  Making sure to check in with the prospective student during a presentation is very important as well.

That students' perception determines the value of the institution.

On this Course I have learned the importance of taking the correct steps to connect and bond with the student. I learned that following Ethical Enrollment Process is key to success.

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