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It is a prospective student's value of our institution that defines our value and every student is different. The goal is to demonstrate our value to every student. This can only be achieved by having a thorough knowledge or the institution as it relates to the individual student you are working with.

I learned that 100 qualified leads does not equal 100 enrollments. Unfortunately, not all senior executives understand this funnel and expect more enrollments based on the number of inquiries we receive. by educating them, we can better forecast more accurate enrollments, which will help in the budgeting process.


I learned I need to make a reminder grid for myself on how to contact who and when.

It is important to expect that conversations across generations of students need to be done in different ways and styles and results can vary depending on the tactic used.

I've learned to not assume how people want to be communicated with.

It's important to understand how different generations respond differently to direction and rules.

Take a leadership role  and take pride in what you do.

Get students agreement before moving forward 

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Best Practices in an Ethical Enrollment Process --> Planning for Success

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