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What were your biggest takeaways?

What is the name of the law that mandates students to have transition services included in their IEP that specifies postsecondary goals appropriate to education and training, employment, and if appropriate, independent living skills?

Research-based best practices are essential in today continuing evolving education society.  Examples including project-based learning and writing across the ciricculum.

All students learn differntly, what works for me is to get to know your students individual learning styles. That help with how I present the material I will teach.

Student relationship and management lies at te heart of student acheivment.

The course content was very imforative with the chceck list. Classroom design attracts the students attention. 

Great information

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Addiing practical, hands-on lessons with possible rewards might work with most scholars.


Very informative! 

Agree 100%

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