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How are students able to access resources in rural Alaska's smaller districts for CTE?

What systems are in place to support CTE in rural Alaska?  

Micro-credentialing in TN

Are there examples of Micro-credentialing that have been proven effective in TN?

Behavioral Supports, Motivation, Reflective Teaching

I found this lesson very informative. Great Ideas on classroom management skills, and how to apply to my students.

Great information included!

What were your biggest takeaways?


What is the name of the law that mandates students to have transition services included in their IEP that specifies postsecondary goals appropriate to education and training, employment, and if appropriate, independent living skills?

Best Practices

Research-based best practices are essential in today continuing evolving education society.  Examples including project-based learning and writing across the ciricculum.

Classroom Management

Student relationship and management lies at te heart of student acheivment.

Summary of Part 2

When we are working with students who have disabilities there are many pieces involved to ensure students are able to receive what is necessary in order for them to become successful adults. Examples such as:




IEP Checklist

Invitation for Parents

Invitaiton for Agencies

Student Notes.



Students who have disabilties are all unique and require many different accomodations to ensure they can be successful. One of the first things I do when working with students is to develop a sound relationship. Students need a trusting relationship in order for them to trust what you are teaching them is beneficial to them. I then look at the needs of the students and try to develop my lessons around those needs. I often have mulitiple websites that I utilize for students such as Microtype for some, others may utilize, spanish speaking students will be utlizing duolingo and GCFGlobal. Each student is different where some will require more attention and other require very minimal attention. To ensure we are showing equity to all students all resources need to be made available and this would include push in and possibily pull out to provide one - to - one.