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In our area, the new billboards seem to generate a lot of buzz - they are well-done and generally promote new offerings at various colleges.

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This is a good tip, thank you!

One organization that I worked for preferred a profit margin of 35% on educational services sold.

I agree with you Anna. It really doesn't matter what business you are in customer satisfaction is important. I am in Education and our biggest advertisment is word of mouth. Most of our new students are family and friends of our current students. Our organization is very student centric and customer satisfaction is key! Thank you for your post. 

Knowing how to satisfy customers may be the best way to retain customers, even when your product is not the best. Therefore excellent customer service is key.

The best budgeting instruction I ever received was from a manager who monitored the budget with a spreadsheet.  He kept track of the percentages to make sure that his expenditures were in line with income.  Income up, could spend more, income down spend less.  If leadership does not approve of that method, you should still follow it because even if you spend all your budget and revenue is not there to cover the expenditure, your the one accountable. 

Customer Focus was a very good course. The emphasis on treating employees well was outstanding. Allowing latitude, emphasis on training and avoiding the morale killer, micro managing. 

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Melissa I like your comment about the outdoor print advertising, but the social networking is for me and the library an effective medium to reach high volumes of customers, too. In the library field the social media are our life because most of the students likes more the social medias, especially in network. Our workshops marketing are at Eventbrite and the student can register over there. Its a free platform for educators. We had a Virtual library Reference that works great. The students call to the library or send an email and we work at distance. They can solve their problems or concern and all will be happy.

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