Looking for trends and meeting emerging needs is a must if businesses are going to be competitive in today’s market.  Business leaders need to access information that helps them make informed and realistic business decisions. This group is for business leaders who aspire to discuss and master the competencies necessary for exemplary performance and top customer service in a dynamic, rapidly changing higher education landscape.  Group members share best practices, ideas, thoughts, reflections, and resources to help colleagues across the globe improve performance. 

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Budgeting | New blog by Leland Neil

The best budgeting instruction I ever received was from a manager who monitored the budget with a spreadsheet.  He kept track of the percentages to make sure that his expenditures were in line wi...

ML 142 | New blog by Eduardo Mariano

This is an eye- opener. I learned a lot which will help me, as I take Management courses. Thank you very much.

Employee Capability | New comment by Russell McClure

Customer Focus was a very good course. The emphasis on treating employees well was outstanding. Allowing latitude, emphasis on training and avoiding the morale killer, micro managing. 

Plaining My budget better | New blog by Derrick Barnes

This Class help me learn how to plain my budget better and better ways to fit some things into the budget that didn't look like it could fit

marketing question | New comment by Neida Solivan

Melissa I like your comment about the outdoor print advertising, but the social networking is for me and the library an effective medium to reach high volumes of customers, too. In the library...

marketing question | New comment by Delana Nguyen

Yes it does, it can draw attention and remind people that you exist

Process! Process! Process! | New comment by Eric Goodman

Genevieve, These are wonderful questions to help you and others better understand where there are underlying issues in the process and then to identify how best to proceed. Keep up the great...

Employee Capability | New comment by Mary Lewis

What a great section! I am very fortunate to work for a campus that does not have high turnover. However, I realize as a manager, I have based my hiring practices on attitude alone and not...

Facts About Customer Service | New comment by Mary Lewis

I am so excited to be taking this course! I believe student retention is directly related to customer service. I will ask my team to answer the following questions: What's the difference between a...

The Customer Bottom Line | New comment by Jay Hollowell

Julie, Thanks for your comments. I agree that trust is at the core of customer-first service. And as you note, even though you may not be able to honor a customer's request, if the customer knows...