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Finance Essentials

There was a lot to learn in this class.  For me, the biggest takeaway was on the three types of financial reports, and the commentary about looking specifically for things like accounts receivables, inventory on hands, etc.  I also appreciated the brief info on clarifying budget scope, and how this means that you'll need to trust those in smaller departments to do the little things, like account for the cost of their office supplies.   This leads to getting training for everyone, or setting up a template or guide so that they know to put in their share of little things like paper and such.  Another strategy that might be useful for my industry is to set up a short meeting with those who are supposed to be putting in the most detailed budgets, and showing them sample budgets from the last couple of years, and walking them through what we want them to do.  This might help build a little trust between the groups, too.

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