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Great Experience

I just wanna share that I've learned a lot throughout these 18 courses that I've did it was a rollercoaster trying to finish but I did it and now I'm ready for the next level in life it was such a great experience to take it all in. 

Finance Essentials

There was a lot to learn in this class.  For me, the biggest takeaway was on the three types of financial reports, and the commentary about looking specifically for things like accounts receivables, inventory on hands, etc.  I also appreciated the brief info on clarifying budget scope, and how this means that you'll need to trust those in smaller departments to do the little things, like account for the cost of their office supplies.   This leads to getting training for everyone, or setting up a template or guide so that they know to put in their share of little things… >>>


The best budgeting instruction I ever received was from a manager who monitored the budget with a spreadsheet.  He kept track of the percentages to make sure that his expenditures were in line with income.  Income up, could spend more, income down spend less.  If leadership does not approve of that method, you should still follow it because even if you spend all your budget and revenue is not there to cover the expenditure, your the one accountable. 

ML 142

This is an eye- opener. I learned a lot which will help me, as I take Management courses.

Thank you very much.

Plaining My budget better

This Class help me learn how to plain my budget better and better ways to fit some things into the budget that didn't look like it could fit