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I work for an educational cooperative where I serve in a variety of roles:  Perkins Consortium Director, career counselor, transition specialist, grantwriter, and more.  I also lead a college-based transition program for students (18-21) with disabilities who are interested in pursuing college and/or certificate programs.


There was a lot to learn in this class.  For me, the biggest takeaway was on the three types of financial reports, and the commentary about looking specifically for things like accounts receivables, inventory on hands, etc.  I also appreciated the brief info on clarifying budget scope, and how this means that you'll need to trust those in smaller departments to do the little things, like account for the cost of their office supplies.   This leads to getting training for everyone, or setting up a template or guide so that they know to put in their share of little things… >>>

Really interesting; I am new to the area and this helps realize the many steps involved & training needed. Thanks.

One person with many hats.  It's a lot to juggle and sometimes one person is split across multiple high schools.

Yes, it is important to understand the rules that accompany the funding.

They are ensuring that funds are spent on appropriate things that are allocable to the grant.

The rules support the idea that Perkins funding is for the extra - routine items should be budgeted as part of the regular school budget cycle or purchased from a sponsor rather than the grant.

No, I wasn't surprised at the rules.  However, after seeing the links to the statutes and regs, I am surprised there isn't more ongoing PD.  I also am intrigued to learn more about how we can blend together industry funding, school budgets, and the Perkins grant to maximize programs.

Comment on Kathleen Watts's post: Yes, that was an interesting point to me as well.  I hadn't really noticed that GPA had been omitted in graduation bulletins, but now I understand why it's done that way.

Comment on Judy Whitehill's post: Agreed!  Periodic refreshers as well.

Interesting post about tracking student record releases

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