Leandro Bernardo Ilagan

Leandro Bernardo Ilagan

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I've learned that varying my approach and style may capture the students' interest and help students be better engaged.

Managing the e-learning environment poses many challenges not encountered in in-person learning. One must utilize all available support systems at one's disposal to overcome these hurdles in a timely fashion. One must also be resilient and resourceful in terms of accommodating a wide variety of learners.


Greater emphasis is placed on asynchronous interactions as it allows for learning that transcends time constraints, whereas aynchronous interactions should be applied to individual students.


Presenting one's academic credentials, professional experience, and uploading a brief bio are effective means to establish one's online presence.

The on-line learning system provides a virtual learning environment that, although technically more challenging, can be as equally effective as in-person learning.


Switch up teaching styles to appeal to all kinds of learners. Plan, prepare, and practice demonstrations and always have a backup plan.


Students should leave the class having a sense of comfort about having a successful outcome from the course.

Early and careful planning helps an instructor be successful in providing an optimal learning environment for students.


Instructors are educators, motivators, and role models to their students and must always strive to help their students to succeed.


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