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Don't continue to collect negative performance issues and then unload them, Take the issues on asap so you dont dwell and they are fresh on your mind. 

I will be transparent, make my point understandable and enjoyable to the audience, and assure them of my honesty.  

Learning that the opportunities for coaching others can come with some challenges. Finding the right way to help and not be rude is tough, but can be achieved.

Use all methods of communication

Building trust is one of the most important things.

Si el coaching no está ayudando a la persona (colaborador) a crecer y/o mejorar tanto como se esperaría, ¿qué otras medidas se podrían tomar para ayudarlo? ¿El coaching siempre será la mejor alternativa? ¿Tal vez sea necesario usar un estilo de dirección más directivo?

Gracias por sus respuestas.

I learned that being open to receiving and giving feedback is important when moving towards making improvments.

Coaching is not about giving answers but rather coaching people on how to find the answers that work for them. 

I think there were some great ideas on how to rebuild a relationship.

Coaching takes a lot of patience and encouragement.

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