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I plan to review the discussion points and handouts to further self-reflect. I have also bookmarked several questions/reflections I would like to review within my team. 

I've learned that there's different ways to handle difficult situations in the workplace

Sometimes a well-planned break is more productive than working long hours.

Time management will allow me to make more purposeful choices with the time that I have each day.  I liked the quote "Live your days in accordance with how you would want to live your life."

I have learned some good ways about dealing withstressful situations at work.  The stop, breathe, reflect and choose idea is very helpful and one I will definitely use.

The importance of the language you use in your work

Feedback is a gift, it is the breakfast of champions ... Ideas is the currency of next success 

I've learned different strategies for communicating for differing levels of receptivity. 

Always send out an agenda outline with time units to base the base of your meeting. Have someone take meeting minutes and have a time keeper.

Two big considerations for PowerPoint Presentations:


Less words for most slides because then the audience will focus on the instructor as explanations are made about the topic.

Use Presentation mode and make sure you face the audience.

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