Technology has provided many different ways of communicating but the need to be effective in communication has not changed.  Educational professionals need to continue to develop and refine their communication skills. This group is for educators who aspire to discuss and master the competencies necessary for exemplary performance and top customer service in a dynamic, rapidly changing higher education landscape.  Group members share best practices, ideas, thoughts, reflections, and resources to help colleagues across the globe improve performance. 

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Communication | New comment by Katherine Conway

I agree Erica, improving clarification is always a positive

The importance of preparation before a Presentation | New blog by Katherine Conway

There is a saying: Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail_ This is a geat motto and one to live by: Before an important presentation   Prepare and Rehearse, Memorize your opening, use some...

Time Management | Origin: ML135 | New comment by William Amyx

I learned quite a bit from this module. Timeblocking and prioritizing my day is important as well as peak hours. 

Coaching Skills | Origin: ML118 | New comment by Alyssa Martin

I found this training helpful to hone my skills in coaching others.  I lacked the knowledge of when to hold off on additional training and address the current issues at hand.  I think this...

Communication | New blog by ERICA SAUCEDA

When a task/issue is at hand and you need your peers support, clarification is key. Let everyone know your expectations and your deadline. Everyone has different priorities daily and being clear on th...

Learned | New blog by Noelia Cardenas

I have learned to deal with issue not personality.     When to do written, oral or non verbal.

Stress Management | Origin: ML136 | New comment by Aileen Paez

A few key takeaways for me: 1. Exercise 2. Stress can be positive 3. Mindfulness 4. Create an environement that is supportive and support others  

Makes Sense... | New blog by Tyler Mead

I knew about the 3 types of learning styles, but i never realized that they would also be used like this in a managment way. Makes me realize the way policies were conveyed in former jobs werent nessa...

I never realized. | New blog by Tyler Mead

I never realized how by breaking the proverbial "ice" with a group at the start of a presentation would grab attention like that, but looking back on all the good presentations that i have had I under...

Difficult Interactions | Origin: ML122 | New comment by Jeremie Baldwin

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