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The course is good. I learned how to engage difficult interactions and situations. 

To negotiate , you have to learn many factors, such as tactics, strategies and follow the recommended instructions.

I think this was a great course to help us communicate better as a team in providing positive and constructive feedback. 

It was good to affirm my belief that feedback is essential and in the course I learned that is really foundational to growth and improvement.  I thought the tips were very helpful and the articles and videos had good additional information. 

I plan to use the information I learned to expand on my interactions with my peers and supervisors moving forward.

Great refresher on setting goals, refresher paths, the process of goal setting. 

Effective stress management in the workplace is essential for maintaining employee well-being and productivity. With the demands and pressures of modern work environments, employees often face various stressors that can impact their mental and physical health. Implementing strategies to manage workplace stress is crucial for creating a supportive and healthy work environment. This can include promoting work-life balance by offering flexible work arrangements, encouraging regular breaks, and setting realistic deadlines. Additionally, providing resources for stress management such as mindfulness training, relaxation techniques, and access to counseling services can help employees cope with stress more effectively. Open communication channels between employees… >>>

I loved the content of the course. I never thought I could get so much good ideas and helpful insight in a Time Management Course. I keep to my self the podcasts with so much useful information and the good tips and strategies that actually has helped me to increase my productivity.

Stress is powerful. It can cause many negative effects to people individually, as well as to a team as a whole. Take time to think critically and thoughtfully, remember to breathe and relax. This will make team members feel better themselves, and foster a better, more successful working environment.

It's important to know how to deal with stress to remain productive. Stop, breathe, reflect and choose are simple and effective steps to reset yourself. 

Dont be thinking of your response while listening. 

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