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Coaching skills are very important as they can help bring the best out of us all, including the coach.  

Be prepared and ready to coach.

Be a good listener - allow the other person to speak 90% of the time. 

Ask questions that allow for reflection. 

Feedback is an essential component of the communication process and being receptive to feedback can help me learn how my behavior affects others, as well as what I am doing well and also how I can improve in areas.

Reflection is very powerful.

Important to develop SMART goals.

I have learned that without time management many projects or set goals are difficult to accomplish. There are many was to set your time if you are a morning person or a night owl. But if you work in an office use the time wisely.

Comment on Elizabeth Chin's post: Following these specific steps will help a great deal in delivering your thoughts.

Comment on Maria Heredia's post: Absolutely! The goal in communication is for the recipient to understand your message.

With this course, I will definitely be able to communicate my messages with much more confidence, knowing that I will be using the right  writing techniques to better convey my thoughts in a more precise and on point manner. 

Coaching skills are essential for any leader or manager aiming to develop their team members effectively. Through learning about coaching, I've realized the importance of guiding individuals to find their own solutions, rather than simply providing answers or directives. This approach not only fosters autonomy and accountability but also enhances problem-solving skills and confidence among team members.

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