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When you see an issue arise, address it and allow the team to figure out the solution.

Best to keep calm, understand the issues, and try to diffuse as much as possible....this leads to better dialogue in resolving the conflicts.

Stress is inevitable but it can be managed

ut this topic and how you int

As I can understand so far I was becoming defensive about someone's reactions and took too serious my mistakes. Healthy ways of communications are not about pointing out on...

I have learned if a career development opportunity matches my core business interests and work values, then it's possible to obtain new skills to help me perform well in a new position.

I did not realize how poor my time management was. I was sure I was doing great but it started to show that I was not. This course helped me to realize strengths and shortcomings! 

Work on all relationships.  Some solutions will come without your assistance

How to positively give and receive feedback.

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