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leadership is positive experiences of effective management and high productive and efficient strategies that brings team member the most motivated.

Comment on Angelia Williams's post: Yes, that is what I received fron this  lesson as well

Comment on Sandy Lane's post: I agree Sandy leading a team isnt easy and if one takes on that role they must have conflict managment skills

I have learned when working with diverse members of a team , you should set objectives that cover the whole of the project and make plans for bumps in the road.

Have a very focused direction as well as motivate the team to ensure they see the vision clearly.

Change is not an easy task in the organization. Communication with the people in charge of getting the buy into is key so they can transfer the information to employees and be available to answer questions they may have.

I have learned that diversity in the workplace represent profitability and different ideas that can contribute to enhance processes and procedures while learning about different cultural backgrounds.

Emotional intelligence is important!

It's always goo to adjust managing styles to fit new groups and to always listen and seek advise from experience peers for problem solving. 

This is a class that all leaders at my institution should have taken at the start of the covid pandemic.  The couse provided excellent information concerning working and supporting a team through a crisis.

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