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I have learned that there may be issues that arise amongst staff and a good leader listens to the issues, be empathetic and address these issues on how everyone learns best

It was a really good training 

The idea of learning invitations/commitment emails is something I would like to apply/see applied in my team. It goes beyond just saying we care about development. It can also be a good segue into a development plan or even a tool for checking in on their progress in their plan. I am currently applying for a supervisory role over other academic coaches, and a lot of this course content has given me both ideas and key verbage to highlight my goals and intentions for the role.

Never stop communicating

Keeping your team informed about goals and maintaining a collaborative environment keep your team motivated and focused.  

One of the most important lessons is understanding that innovation involves risks, and failure is often part of the journey. Fostering a culture that utilizes failure as an opportunity to learn and iterate can significantly improve creativity.

Enjoyed the lesson. Liked the 360 approach.

I've learned how important it is to not intrude after delegating a task, and how to recognize when I am doing this.

Diversity helps strengthen teamwork through trusting and respecting all team members, and taking many different perspectives into account.

Agree with Christy, on how to handle people who talk over others and command the meeting.

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