As the learning leader in a course it is important that educators work to earn the respect of their students.  Through the earning of students’ respect and modeling professional behavior educators will influence the professional development of their students. This group is for educators who aspire to discuss and master the competencies necessary for exemplary performance and top customer service in a dynamic, rapidly changing higher education landscape.  Group members share best practices, ideas, thoughts, reflections, and resources to help colleagues across the globe improve performance. 

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Decision Making | Origin: ML147 | New comment by Tanisha Bent

Decision making takes time, but it must not be rushed, neither should time be wasted. It is important to know when to decide, what aspects of the decision to share, how and with whom.

Effective Delegation | Origin: ML127 | New comment by Mary Mules

Reply to Janine Fleming's post: Janine, I agree whole heartedly. this course was a gret reminder.

Effective Delegation | Origin: ML127 | New comment by Mary Mules

I am guilty of just doing the task instead of delegating. This course is a great reminder of how to delegate and when to delegate.

Meeting Management | New comment by Yvette Prior

I enjoyed your comment and the aim of getting material to meeting members wth at least 48 hours is a nice reminder. Then, we can also check to see if folks were able to digest the material before...

Meeting Management | Origin: ML114 | New comment by Yvette Prior

A top takeaway from this course was the “8-18-1800” rule: To problem or make a decision, invite no more than eight people. To brainstorm it could help to have as many as 18 people. And o...

Meetings as Workspace | New discussion by Yvette Prior

A top takeaway from this course so far has been the idea to make the meeting a workspace. This could mean allowing time for particiapnts to read the egenda - or filling out forms during the merting wi...

Crisis Management | Origin: ML138 | New comment by Rhiannon Frauenfeld

I learned that communication is key in a crisis: Be forthcoming with all knowledge without speculating or sugarcoating, deliver information clearly and consicely, and listen as much as we...

Leading an Effective Team | Origin: ML112 | New comment by Michelle Garces

The biggest thing that I learned was to involve everyone's ideas and thoughts. It's a collective effort and the entire team's goal needs to be clear to the entire team. 

Strategy Execution | Origin: ML149 | New comment by Stefano Bartoli

I learned how to help develop a plan/strayegy and execute it with my team.

Strategic Thinking | Origin: ML148 | New comment by Stefano Bartoli

I have enjoyed the material given regarding strategic thinking. Working together can help us create the best possible strategic solutions.