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Thinking outside the box can lead to innovative programs. In my work it is important when creating programs to keep the end-user in mind as well as organizational goals.

This course afforded me a deeper understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion by emphasizing the vast number if differences that we all have and experience.

this course was very informative to all leaders in the fied of education

Team management is an opportunity to handle different situations to improve productivity and get to know human nature to shape ideas, learning how to deal with Human Resources towards a common goal.

Today, I was reassure that management styles should not be all encompassing for supervised staff. I've learning that managers should take the time to learn their individual employees because they each bring a different benefactor to the organization. In such managers should always self-evaluate and reflect prior to meeting with their employees because often times the reflections and actions are projected onto their employees, and can lead to conflict, resistance or push-back. I also learned that managers should conform to positive daily productive process because their actions and attitudes often contribute the to the daily environment and success of the… >>>

Finding out what motivate a person is key!

Below are a few important best practices that will motivate and inspire teams.

Clear Goal Setting
Empower People
Provide Support
Communicate the Vision
Show Appreciation and Value
Know Your Employees

I plan to observe my team to get a feel of when they need guidance, coaching, and resources to keep them motivated to do what is best themselves and the students.

Team Management always presents challenges that need to be addressed in a positive manner. This first section has been very helpful in ways to approach these challenges.  

I intend to be less resistant to change.

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