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This has been a great course that I intend to have my staff attend as well.  It is easy to get negative about change and the work it will require.  It always helps me to focus on the upside of change, a better product, or a different long-term payout.  It was a good reminder of the basics of change management such as involving others, vision, telling them what's in it for them, small wins, etc.

Comment on Rebecca Sarlo's post: Rebecca, I like that you reframed change as an opportunity.  Coming to change open-minded and looking for the positives in change makes it easier to accept personally.  Helping your team to grow individually so they can approach change differently will build resistance into the organization's culture in the long run.  Great insight!

It is a good class with a lot of resources available to be used in the future.

Innovation can happen at all levels of the organization

I like the emphasis of remembering the overall purpose, active listening, and highlighting the qualities in those on your team. I do wonder about ways to remain present as well.

There a many different form of leadership, some good and some bad habits we have may be the different from us from being Great leaders rather that good. Being self-aware and being able to identify what leadership style works effectively for us and in our environment is key. Knowing how to implement situational leadership can motivate your employees more than we understand. I plan on implementing this form of leadership quickly. 

Groupthinking is a new term to me.  I can really see how this has happened numerous times over the years.  It is not a constructive situation, and our organization needs to address it and make a change so that everyone feels free to express themselves and as a group we can make sound decisions.

Great practical advice in this course.  Continue to embrace change in a thoughtful positive manner.

It certainly was helpful as it relates to taking time out to determine how to move forward. 

I learned the importance of simplifying the planning process and the plan itself.

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