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I plan to use this information to conduct a strategic planning meeting within this organization.

If in the first attempt you failed, you should give it a try again, just slow down and start over, at the end you will get a result and you will have learned something.

I have found that weekly meetings to discuss any issues that have come up during class/clinic has allowed everyone on the team to have input. With better communication comes better collabarition among the group members.

Give feedback more often, asking employees what they think can be done to help improvement, listen with an open mind. 

Connecting with your audience on multiple levels is crucial for their support. Establishing a connection is crucial to earn their trust.

Learned leadership skills that all leaders should have.
Being a leader is more than about being in charge, it is listening to what others are asking/saying and taking into account what will be best for the group.
Developing professional boundaries with employees and keeping emotions out of professional decisions.
Leadership skills are important.
Take steps with students to be more personal

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