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It's interesting that many leaders overlook the fact that including employees in tasks and stretch assignments really prepares them for career advancement. 

I learned how to more effectively communicate with my directors and to build a stronger relationship where we both can benefit.  Learning tips on how to respectively disagree and to come up with solutions, are some of my biggest takeaways. 

I enjoyed the format of the training and the videos helped bring a visual element to enhance the sense of leadership as a topic. Overall, the course has helped me refine my leadership perspectives as well as breaking down essential elements of leadership that are easy to identify within my team and myself. I think the course is an excellent way to improve and enhance the leadership mindset and can assist in the development more refined leadership skills.  

I agree Teresa!


I assist a two Directors.  One I meet with on a weekly basis, the other prefers communication through email.  What do you do when you have initiated a weekly 1:1 with one of your bosses and they say that they don't think it's necessary?  I feel it's necessary since I primarily work remote and there is information that would be easier to share during a 1:1 30 minute weekly or bi-weekly meeting.  I feel sometimes the individual just doesn't want to communicate with people.  

How do I still try to learn about my boss when they don't want to… >>>

Leadership is not management. It can be learned.

Team dynamics is different for all teams. How the team performs and meets goals can be significantly affected by how to group works together. In my experience each is so different that it can take special leadership styles and understanding to make it work. I agree Suzanne that different approaches are often needed.

Great course.

Comment on Eddy Hooker's post: I agree but being i think one should find a balance between being focused and being hyper focused, which could cause you to  miss the other issues arising in your day

Being too centrally focused is not necessarily a good thing

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