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Enjoyed the lesson. Liked the 360 approach.

I've learned how important it is to not intrude after delegating a task, and how to recognize when I am doing this.

Diversity helps strengthen teamwork through trusting and respecting all team members, and taking many different perspectives into account.

Agree with Christy, on how to handle people who talk over others and command the meeting.

This lesson was very important. If managers and employees have poor relationships or are not on the same page, the organization as a whole will suffer.

Team management is a very important subject. Teams are constantly changing, and these ideas help keep the team motivated and focused no matter the circumstances.

It is interesting to learn that in general, task delegation is not easy for managers. There were so many important tips included to effectively delegate tasks. However, the main point is that task delegation important for many reasons. First, it allows managers to focus on higher profile tasks without overloading themselves with work. Second, it allows staff the opportunity to demonstrate their strengths, commitment and desire to grow within the company. Also, it is important to allow staff to cross train and be able to support management in their absences.

It’s always important in leadership to make sure everyone is heard and respected.

The more the team can be unified and trusted, the easier it will be to achieve goals.

As a pilot, this lesson is vitally important. If you are a first officer sitting next to a captain, you want to be able to effectively communicate. 

From my experience in the USAF, I realize how important team management is. This lesson had many useful techniques to become a successful leader and utilize a team effectively 

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