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Technology should only be a tool and its use needs to be scaffolded
By giving the students multiple methods of assessment, and also including them in the assessment process, they will better understand the material and where they, or a fellow student, went wrong and will be able to more easily make corrections.
The importance of immediate feedback is something that I find interesting. I hope to implement it to help my students better understand where they went wrong in reasoning and help them to correct their thinking before it becomes ingrained.
I have learned that the type of question asked can directly impact the type of answer from the student and how this can be implemented into my teaching and developing deeper discussions and understanding for my students.
I plan on creating more intellectual interaction within my courses to not only increase the engagement and retention of information for my students, but also to encourage a more complete understanding of the material and the ability to contribute to the class.

It is unfortunate that the times are changing and the government takes so long to keep up with it. E-learning has been around for years now, yet we still have so many people no quite understanding how it works properly in regards to copyrighting. I have a better understanding of how copyrights work as an educator. It can be challenging to understand the verbiage at times when you are not a lawyer.

Intellectual interaction to promote learning.

I have not used a document entitled "Design Specs" - and I look forward to using this!

I intend on applying the five different types of lecture format:  expository, suspensful answer, problem solving, case study, and interactive.

I learned the diffferent types of questions that could be used: polar, leading, funnel, probing, open-ended.

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