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Designing interactive coursework that is engaging allows for the ability to evaluate and assess what students know.

Evaluating and presenting to the students 'what the purpose of an assignment is and why it's important' a rationale for the objectives and how the objectives will be utilized in practice.   

The methods for synchronous and asynchronous learning are not new to me.  I have used the methods before when treating patients and in my own online pursuit of education and now I will apply these methods to teaching as an instructor myself. I am excited and ready to start finding hospital educators to come into my classes as guest speakers to present their expertise and insight into the subject matter we are covering in class. 

Interactive coursework to allow for student engagement and purpose.

When students feel like contributors to the online course they become more involved and excited about the material they are learning.

In designing and developing an online course, effort needs to be made to connect student to both content and instructor.


In this module, I've gained valuable insights into how a well-structured online format helps students learn. 

One significant lesson I've learned is how valuable quizzes can be, after this learning I plan to apply by this knowledge by implementing quick quizzes as a break from lecture.

I was happy to see that my online course - one that contains both asynchronous and synchronous activities - meets the "core elements" guidelines.  Up to this point, I had not heard of FolioSpaces and plan to incorporate an activity for students to set up their own account- and one for myself!  Most importantly, my biggest takeaway is that asynchronous learning is a legitimate and effective way to educate students.  The environment really does level the playing field between introverts and extraverts with the student in charge of the where and when to engage with the material.

I feel motivated to create my own interactive labs for my students.

I teach computer science, and you can't replicate the feeling of attaching/removing a SATA cable in your hand in a virtual environment.

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