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I think that activities must be created based on the interests and goals of the students themselves, to encourage them to complete them in their entirety.

I think the media its the most important part of a course, because it adds interaction, life and more resources to students.

Interesting point of view about the elearning composition.

I think the most important think is a student  centered course and all activities that we create for them. 

Collaborative Learning strategies become critical in this environment. I agree with having students conduct short presentations to teach each other. 

I learned how many colleges and programs are taught online.

I am excited to learn about Merlot as I have not heard about this and look forward to learning more about it and exploring the resources.

I agree with the 7 principles and find that students struggle more with there is not clear or frequent communication from an online course faculty member. Clear and timely communication is key with an online course.

I love to engage my online students and find that if I share videos or lectures and then create discussions around the reflection of the content in the video or lecture the students engage more with the content.

I have been teaching asynchronous online classes for years and follow many of the elements listed and find that my students enjoy the flexibility while maintaining a routine and set expectations per week.

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