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Model the behaviors you wish to have displayed, continual learning, be prepared!!

This module has lied out a good framework to move forward with things I know and things to consider.


PLAN PLAN PLAN  plan your lesson plans with contingencies (things go wrong, have a back up plan), practice demonstrations before hand,  

Attention spans are short, plan for 10-15 minute lectures and lessons,

Have students practice their newfound knowledge shortly or immediately after acquiring, this helps them retain it 

Be at the door with a smile and friendly greeting, use their names as much as possible, (help yourself remember and)  its showing interest in them and showing your human and there for them


Students need buy in from teacher/instructor for them to buy in    PLAN, PLAN, PLAN, then MODEL, MANAGE, MOTIVATE

I've learned it is vital to connect with students during our first classroom interaction.  While all names and particulars may not be remembered, students will value the effort you put into the first interaction.

Make preparations early, anticipate changes in the first day and roll with the changes. 

Sometimes when I am in front of my students i will have a moment where I am unsure of myself, and my self-confidence drops dramatically. 

I found the suggestions on how to deliver a quality lecture very helpful. 

Don't read your lecture (I am guilty of this)

Prepare yourself emotionally for class

Avoid a cold start,

Grab students' attention with your opening, 

Vary your opening, 

Announce the objectives for the class, and 

Establish rapport with your students. 

The first day you meet your students is the most important day because this is when you have an opportunity to get them excited and motivated about your class. 

I learned that the course syllabus is a contract between me and my students. My syllabus should include policies, procedures, resources, goals, objectives, and evaluation methods for the course.

Reflecting on the past and analyzing previous teachers who left an impression on you, figuring out what characteristics they modeled can help in leading you to success. Developing a Professional development plan can assist you with the information you gather during your reflection. 

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