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Be prepared, practice ahead of time, and critique yourself after any lecture to learn where improvement is needed.  I enjoyed the Harvard professor who spoke about the 3 most impt things for students: learn the content, challenge your assumptions, and learn something about yourself:)

I think I will do an ice breaker

Comment on Catherine McDonald's post: I agree. I also think years of experience in the nursing profession is a great preparation for teaching as well. 

Lead by example in the classroom 

The effectiveness and benefit for the pause!  I will have to admit that I get a bit twitchy when the classroom is quiet.  I tend to feel that learning is not occurring unless I or the students are busy talking.  After this module, I will be certain to engage "the pause."

Effective planning and prior preparation of content to be taught results in beneficial teaching as well as learning. 

Keep it light and don't pile too much on the first class.  Work to get to know the students and what their preferred name is.

Preparation is key and stay organized!

Asking questions is very important as a student as well as an instructor. The content, tone and delivery of asking questions is key to encourage student participation in a group discussion. 

Having the introduction done at the beginning of the class would help both the teacher and the students understand each other better and would also aid the instructor to decide the pace of teaching.

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