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I have learned that it is important to be a model, be on time, and be professional. These are all important aspects to represent to students.

I had just listened  to a TED talk so it was interesting  because then I read "We would all benefit from learning how TED talks are crafted".    This is useful because the primary goal is to change us, through education, and not primarily via edutainment.  If we want students to learn they only learn in the first 18 mins.

On the first day of class it is important to give a good impression

Being prepared to teach the class. The content, tone and delivery of asking questions is to encourage student participation in a group discussion. 

A little bit more of up front work to convert a F2F  course to be a flipped class has the potential of reaping significantly improved outcomes and reduction in failures. I intend to flipp my entire program this year.

This is an instructional strategy that I have been eager to learn about and try to increase student engagement  and accountability in their education.

Michelle Connors

Lead by example, dress professional, be clean, by on  time, be prepared. Greet your students. Know your subject. be excited about what you teach. Add humor if you can.

Be prepared, practice ahead of time, and critique yourself after any lecture to learn where improvement is needed.  I enjoyed the Harvard professor who spoke about the 3 most impt things for students: learn the content, challenge your assumptions, and learn something about yourself:)

I think I will do an ice breaker

Comment on Catherine McDonald's post: I agree. I also think years of experience in the nursing profession is a great preparation for teaching as well. 

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