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I see the "listen to respond" everyday and it is like a natural way we are designed in this day and age and I believe it is because of how fast paced our lives are. We have to remind ourselves going into listening mode and really understand what someone is telling us and not just getting ready to respond. I know that repeating back the info someone has just told me helps them feel like I have really heard them and understand where they are coming from. 

Be prepared and make a conscious effort to get to know your students.

The importance of making a plan to improve myself as an instructor through schedules and seminars!

i learned to be myself and use that to reach and teach my students.

I will ensure to give instructions to the student in 5-7steps. Also, I will structure my lecture to have 10-15minute blocks, so the students can retain the information.

It is important to arrive early on the first day and learn about student's names.

It is important to have checklist, notepad and well-prepared for the first day of class.

Lead by example

Comment on Gary Wilkerson's post: I have learned that in order to be a good instructor I must first show myself to be friendly and available to all students, then I must be diligent at studying the course information so that I can teach it well.

Key point to address some points in the teaching anviroment 

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