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Plan lesson in 5-7 short periods, using variety of learning styles.

Students should feel comfortable and feel positive about successful outcome of the course. 

Lecture is still an effective way to communicate but try to vary your class.

First impressions and meeting matter.  Set the stage for what you expect and help the student feel comfortable.

Make teaching exciting, creative, and passionate. Think of how you would want information taught and implement those strategies into the lesson. 

Teaching plan according to objectives and keeping checklist are the key to successful teaching!

-Plan before teaching start to shine as a " model, manager and motivator".


- Pay detailed attention to your professionalism, from dress code to gestures and language during inside and outside the classroom.

Allow your students to know a little about yourself, making yourself relatable makes it easier for the students to trust and gain a relationship with you. 

Planning, time-management, and organization are vital when preparing for lecture courses. Planning helps you stay on track to meet your goals in a timely manner. Time-management is important to make sure you give yourself enough time to achieve learning objectives and course requirements. Organization offers a smooth and less chaotic method to deliver lessons by the instructor and understood and retained by the students.

Switch up your teaching styles and regularly assess how your students are responding to you.

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