Delivering instructional content that is understandable by students and increases their knowledge is the goal of educators.  Knowing what are the best ways to assess the learning of students should be a high priority of educators as well. This group is for educators who aspire to discuss and master the competencies necessary for exemplary performance and top customer service in a dynamic, rapidly changing higher education landscape.  Group members share best practices, ideas, thoughts, reflections, and resources to help colleagues across the globe improve performance. 

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Teaching Defined! | New blog by Tiffany Vollmer

I felt like I was taking a sociology class about the world of teachers and learners! It was interesting to learn all the definitions of different types of lectures, learning and the teachers role in ...


Learning Styles | New discussion by Arna G Smith

The challenge is to put good ieas into practice because in the educational environment good ideas complete with each other, even conflicting with existing proedures at times.  when I studies this...


ED103 | New comment by Irma Guillen

I agree Diego - what helps me is to keep track of the subject matter - a sticky note, or little memo written down of here I am and what I've covered. 


Active Learning / Benefits of Using a Group Dynamics Approach and Flexible Seating Arrangements | New file by Arna G Smith

I accomplish the encouragement of active learning into my courses by exploring and experimenting with flexible seatng arrangements and rotating group members.  In these sitautions, my role as the...


seating | New comment by Arna G Smith

Having the ability of varing seating arrangements is a good approach to encouraging interaction.  I also pair or group students up differently  from time to some.  It is interesting to...


ED103 | New blog by Diego Mosquera

some of the challenges i experience when i teach is to stay on track. My method usually tends to go back and forward.


Teaching methods | New discussion by Diego Mosquera

Very broad and capturing how humans need to evaluate and understand the different types of learning we are programmed to do. My has always been the visual concpet I gather way more information by look...

ED 103 Action Plan | New blog by Derek Jones

I plan to immediately apply what I learned in ED 103 to two new classes I am developing for my institution. 

ED 103 | New comment by John Chere

Whether it is good pints or good points they both work. Ha!

ED 103 | New discussion by John Chere

Good pints on understanding the learning styles of your students and to have a good mix of presentation styles.  I have never understood instructors, educators and proefessionals who are proud to...