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I appreciated the discussion about the types of professionalism.

Set a good example.

This module suggests practicing demonstrations or special teaching activities before class. I love the idea that, even as experienced educators, we should always continue practicing. Just as the best musicians practice decades into their craft, there are always areas to improve, add efficiency, and grow as a teacher. I do hope to continue practicing and improving my craft for years to come.

This module reinforced the idea of getting to know students and creating a basis of trust and community in the classroom. I like to have students share their goals, expertise, etc., on day one so that I may incorporate their past experiences into classroom leadership experiences. 

I find it helpful to refer to the syllabus at the beginning of each class or lesson. This reinforces the importance of checking the syllabi, and encourages students to refer to it when they are lost, absent, looking ahead, etc. 

One take away from this course is to create a detailed professional development plan. This includes exact learning goals, courses, competencies and the schedule by which you will complete each. This strategy reminds me of SMART goal setting!

Learning names and making sure that the students see you as a human being as well as their instructor    

Preparation seems like it is key to success as an educator.  It helps both myself and the students in knowing what's to come and what is expected  

Leading by example be it with our soft and/or hard skills. As we are showing others how to behave in a professional setting.

This module on students with learning disabilities has reinforced what I have previously experienced in the middle school classroom.  A big challenge then was discovering the learning disability the student actually had and then putting accomodations and or modifications in place.  In the college classroom, the student is their own advocate and knows, for the most part, what has worked for them in previous classes.

I do agree that the accomodations used to assist students with learning disabilities can benefit most students in general.  For example - giving instructions orally and repeating them, have a few students tell you what… >>>

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