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Teaching style should be provided in as many forms as possible. 

Getting to know your class and giving a small introduction will begin to relax the students as well as teach the instructor something about each student.

Producing a syllabus with guidelines, objectives, and classroom requirements will prepare the class for what is expected during the course

Modeling Professionalism is a whole person concept that starts with how you present yourself all the way to how you treat others.

As an instructor, express your passion for the subject. As a leader, demonstrate proper professionalism in actions and communication. As a model, provide a direct reference to the students of what you expect, by holding yourself to the same standards, if not better. 

When delivering course content, ensure that the course materials are presented in a way in which students will understand, and retain rhe information and also the importance of the content.

Getting a feel of the classroom, breaking the nervousness and understanding that each student is different in their own way is important.

Preparing for a lesson, wether it's daily, weekly, or quarterly, shows effictiveness of being a leader.

As a Leader in the calss, being hand on and confident is important. Remember to set goals, and work towards your targeted outcome.

Learning student names and how to pronounce them is very important to keeping the students engaged and involved.

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