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I believe flipping the classroom is more effective if you need to practice and examples.  The show how can be done in class, the lecture leading up to can be completed prior to course and then reviewed again after examples or class day.

It is important to be able to incorporate the different learning styles of the students so they can all succeed.

It is important to know the student's name and use their names when communicating with them 

Being organized and prepared for a class will help ensure a better instructor.

In this module I learned that being instructor can be done effectively if proper examples are use as well clear communication with student is done correctly. 

First impressions set the tone for the rest of the class. Welcoming students into the classroom at the door. Teachers need to be friendly and approachable.  Ice breakers for each student to interview another student to find things in common and why they are taking the class.  Giving time to go over the syllabus and teacher's bio as well.  

One way a teacher can be best prepared is to check for understanding from class to class.  Knowing all the students' names, answer questions from last class, idle chit chat as the students are entering in the room.  Being prepared with all your supplies as a teacher will help the flow of the class.

It is something to be said when you have an instructor that is happy to see you and acknowledge that you are in the classroom.  For me, I have been an educator for 28 years and every new group of students is an opportunity to create new connections.  When you model like a mentor, they will learn to mentor.  Remember you will be spending many hours with your students, and you will get to know them, and they will get to know you.  Management takes practice and organization. Motivation also is a hidden gem; you are their cheerleader for success. 

How just simply changing how you word things could create a completely different learning environment.

So far I've learned about the information delivery and why it is important as well as how course evaluations are done. 

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