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The new teaching strategy must be explained to students first. Students should understand the benefits of a flipped class for it to work.

Les Berkheiser Planning is everything.

Les Berkheiser Help with students.

I have learned the importance of exemplifying professionalism at all times. Leading by example is often quoted but it is a process that should constantly be evaluated. Growing both personally and professionally should be a continuous cycle. 

to not use negative words

Comment on Jennifer Davis's post: I agree

The 5 C's was most interesting to me. 

I agree with my colleagues. Don't assume you're always the smartest one in the classroom just because you're the instructor. Stay humble and lead by example.

Preparation for class is important. Also, seek to vary how to teach your students to cover the various learning styles. 

First impression matter. Take the time to inform the students about who you are and seek to learn who they are. 

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