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I like the idea of implementing small group activities to implement active learning.

I enjoyed the examples of analytical and critical thinking.

Attitude and approach are key to customer service and student success. Instructors, as leaders in the classroom, are responsible for engaging and motivating students through role model and addressing the student population with interest, enthusiasm, and caring. 

I appreciate the examples of how to use different questions types as that was very helpful for me. I also appreciated the vast research presented on wait time! How interesting! 

After taking the first module of this course I realize I ask a lot of procedural questions throughout a class period. I want to dive deeper into more open ended questions and better my understanding of extrapolation questions in this course. 

Biggest key point or me was the 3 M's (Model, Manage, Motivate) be a leader in all aspects of the class you're teaching. 

This module talks about the different learning styles being audio, visual, hands-on and written. Knowing this i can communicate effectively to students to help guide them better.

Positive Mindset encourages Positive Growth.

Use a variety of methods for delivering content. Begin by communicating the objectives for the content on that day. Let students know what is being covered. Use 10-15 minutes of lecture. Lectures can be delivered in a variety of manners. Storytelling, case studies, and straight lecture are just a few delivery types. After completing a mini-lecture, break up the class to apply the content. This might include a hands-on demonstration and activity. It might be that the students solve a problem as a group. If there are several steps students need to follow, break it down to 5-8 steps. 

Greet each student and learn their names early on. Have them write their name on a "tent" so that each person can associate the name with the face. When taking roll, ask the student how to pronounce their name and if they have a nickname. Plan to give a short introduction with information about yourself, then a short activity so that the students can get to know each other better. 

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