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Making sure lecture doesn't exceed 15-18 minutes at a time secondary to majority of learner's attention span is within that time frame. Also making sure not exceed 5-7 steps per objective to ensure student success.

It is important to know what motivates your students to aid in sucess.

Making sure the students understand the syllabus and course objectives.

Instructors should exhibit professionalism, and be able to teach in different settings. 

Comment on Shane Apperley's post: It's nice to have a explaination of the different types of tests and how to construct them.

It is important to use various tools to transmit information to students, with this we can maintain the interest and curiosity of students to see what new things they will learn and handle tomorrow.

The first class, although it may not seem like it, is very important, it allows you the first contact with your students, share things about yourself and also know a little more about them and their preferences, qualities and expectations.

It is important  to have a plan, communicate, define policies, rules and expectations and share them with our students so they know how they will be measure.

Lead by example, follow the rules and be a professional while teaching with passion. 

Comment on John Dailey's post: Ethics is important in every profession. Students come with a knowledge base of what is considered wrong and right. The instuctor can help the student recognize ethical decisions within a professional setting. Providing examples of ethics in the work place is a good idea.

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