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Be on time and prepare. These are my strong points

Lead by example and remember you are not the smartest person in the room

Comment on Raquel Sariles's post

Hi Raquel, thank you for your post. I complete agree with you - to lead by example. There is a hypocritical saying that I hear often that says, "Do as I say, not as I do." That saying prompts me to evaluate my own conduct with others, whether it is within my family setting or workplace. 

Being an instructor is more than just teaching students a course. It involves modeling professionalism, planning ahead classroom time, and to motivate students to success. Modeling professionalism includes displaying appropriate behaviors, appropriate attire and proper conduct in and out of the classroom. Planning ahead involves being prepared with the course content, classroom organization and developing skills to help manage students' learning a success. To motivate students involves providing the students positive reinforcement and feedback.  

Teaching styles are different and we have to learn to utilize different methods of organizing and presenting class content. We also should select appropriate content delivery options. Once we recognize categories of learning styles. We can then Identify different lecture formats and select lecture format appropriate for class being taught.
Doing so involve us to plan ways to use demonstrations to deliver content.

We should learn to develop different instructional tools such as 

  • Create strategies for preparing for the first class meeting.
  • Recognize ways of selecting supportive instructional material.
  • Write goals and objectives for courses.
  • Develop a course syllabus.
  • Analyze learning environments.

The essential roles of a teacher and the competencies required to be a successful as an instructor in an educational institution. We must recognize the different roles as instructors' we play in the educational process.

The importance of recognizing people are individuals and need to learn in different formats. These learning styles need to vary throughout your course. 

It's important to let students share a little about themselves and also for you to share about yourself. This allows the students to relax. 

I learned the importance of showing up early to the class. Also the importance of planning ahead and planning out the entire class schedule/syllabus. The syllabus creates a tone for the classroom. 

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