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by incorporating different learning styles and having students work together in groups to create PowerPoints, projects and reading, can maximize. Better success rates in students, the students automatically learn different studying methods from each other

The varying lecture styles was a helpful reminder for me. I do not lecture often but when I do I could use a different approach. 

Become Pro efficient. as a leader and develop your own personality always project the best leadership to your students, respect and constantly encourage them while leading by example 

When starting the class for the first time, learning and pronouncing students names correctly is extremely important. This is something that will set the tone for the semester off well. 

It is important to be as prepared as possible. There are a lot of things that are out of our control as educators or things we feel like we do not have enough time for. Planning is something that I feel gets easier with time and the more years you teach. 

Leading by example is a great reminder for all educators. The students will model your professionalism and view your example as how they should act in the classroom and in the professional environment. 

Be a friend to motivate, not a pal...

I try to teach something three ways, read thru it in the text on the smart board, show a demonstration video, and do hands on with the students.

Hit the lecture as many different ways as possible so that you can as there are many different students in the class that learn in many different ways.

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