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Comment on Karen Sharber's post: Very well said Karen..I totally agree with you that "not all students learn the same' and therefore, it is imperative that we incorporate various learning styles.

When reviewing complex content during a discussion, it is just as important to pay attenetion to ehat the students are NOT saying- as a way to identify topics that need further clarification.

In my trade I prefer a hands-on testing as well as a paper test using true/false and multiple choice questions to get them to think. I avoid essay questions because not all of my students have the best vocabulary.

In this section I was able to understand how to develop questions in a way that will promote reliable outcomes of the students.

I like asking questions.  I want to have students who don't always answer questions allow them the opportunity to answer so that they can be more engaged.

I liked the flipped classroom.  I hope to allow more choices for students to complete activities by themselves or by a group.

I like to start of my class with a positive quote related to the subject being taught to help get students engaged in the lecture.  As a take away I hope to increase my skills by starting off classes with an activity to keep students engaged as a new technique.

I prefer fill-in-the-blank questions over multiple choice. I've found they increase student knowledge retention instead of having a 25% chance at guessing the correct answer and walk away learning less. 

So important to recognize all students at every level when preparing instruction. 

Always looking for new and exiting activities to utilize in the classroom. Really enjoyed reading the other comments and the material in this section. 

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