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Even when I develop a lesson plan, it is important to remain flexible to adapt to the needs of the students. I plan to use several teaching methods to reach as many students as possible.

Making the recap of the days information necessary but exciting will enhance memorization.  

I learned that pairing the groups fairly will contribute to confidence and learning.  

Pausing for 3 to 5 seconds gives the brain an opportunity to refocus.  Also, I like to hold a pen in my hand when lecturing.  However, this is fidgeting and can interfere with focus.  

Taking the opportunity to get to know your students and sharing a bit about yourself and experiences. Allow your students to see you as human and begin to develop a connection.

Students learning styles should be considered, however they must also understand the need to be able to gather information in their non-preferred learning style also

Early and careful planning is a must. This helps reduce anxiety by being well prepared and allows the instructor to get constructive feedback from their peers. Having a checklist and notepad will be utilized to keep me on task and organized not just on paper, but also to help guide my thoughts.

Guide students while they are doing demonstrations and be sure to bring them all together at the end of a demonstration to remind them of what they have learned and how they are progressing

I like the idea of splitting the students into groups and having them introduce themselves to each other.

i think the idea of using a checklist 

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