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Ahh, we're getting into the meat of technique, which is good for my learning style! I'm taking away the best practices section...lots of good notes for me in that part! 

This has me thinking about where executive functioning comes into play for my classes. In our second-year classes especially, this information is naturally coming through project management assignments. I need to figure out how to better and more explicitly build it into my first-year classes. 

I appreciate the concrete examples of how to create flexible representation. I want to work on making sure all of my content is accessible in Spanish, and also to work on revisiting and highlighting patterns & key takeaways throughout a lesson and a course

Honestly I'm having a hard time really conceptualizing exactly what this framework entails at this point. Must be my own needs for differentiated learning. I suspect I'll gain more clarity as I move through this course module. 

I learned more about the importance of advisory councils. I know they are very helpful but it is something I struggled with early in my career. Another thing I learned was the different ways for multiple CTE programs to collaborate. I also really liked the idea of having the SBE students present to the school board as I see many different benefits in that idea. 

The biggest takeaway for me is the idea of adding industry certifications to my SBE. I want to further research this and see how I could add that as an additional benefit for my students. I see a lot of benefits to this and could see where my admin would really like that added benefit aswell. 

The information I learned in this module was helpful. The ethical dilemma idea of stagging a student 'stealing' from the store and seeing how your students report it and deal with the conflict is very interesting. I often feel in the high school setting that unethical actions are so normalized that it is an interesting way to 'test' the students. I also loved hearing the emphasis of how important soft skills are. 

I currently help run a school-based enterprise at my high school. I have never started one, but have taken over an already-established business. The process of starting one from the ground up feels intimidating and stressful. I think getting the buy-in and cooperation from the administration and student body could be very challenging. 

As a new instructor, this course has introduced additional tools to supplement what I am already doing with my students. I appreciated the examples given for each of these teaching methods

2 things: 

1: I need to figure out a better way of making and following bullet-pointed lecture notes in my classes. I'm either too detailed or I don't put them in a place where I will be able to refer to them in class.

2: I think I'll start going over course learning outcomes with students at the beginning of class. This seems important so that they know where they are headed. 

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