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After this course, I have fresh ideas for evaluating students as they approach tasks and skill development in class. So many helpful takeaways and I appreciate the lesson planning template. I have made a variety of templates but will make sure objectives are clearly (and simply) written with the specific outcomes mentioned too. 



Each and every one of the methods learned in this course brings a lot of teaching and will surely be very useful to apply in the classroom.

Comment on Francisco Gonzalez's post: I agree and the reminder was helpful 

I enjoyed the reminder to stay organized and to keep documenting lesson plans - even if we have years of teaching experience.

I started using spiral notebooks to writing down my lesson plans and reflection/next steps. 

On one page, I write the date and outline for the lesson plan. On the opposite page, I note what was covered - how the lesson unfolded, any key things to keep in mind, and then list next steps (either for next class, for a follow up assignment, or what needs to be introduced, reinforced, interacted with, etc.) I sometimes note if a particular… >>>

Plan B is important and being flexible. Also, making adjustments based on students' level of engagement. 

Organization is probably the most important aspect. Having a plan before class begins is of the utmost importance. 

I learned the importance of staying up to date with technology and that there is value in social networks.

I learned the reason behind baseline tests in the beginning of the class.  I always thought they were a gauge for a student but now I can clearly see it is a gauge for the instructor.

I learned that lesson plans are the foundation of a good course.  That organization is key in developing lesson plans and that printing them out and keeping them in a folder is the best way to keep them.

I learned that using what your students already know can help with lesson planning.  That flexibility based on student assessments is a reasonable approach.

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