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Some of this seems to repeated info and I'm forgetting all that was covered today here but I like the idea of takig notes about what works and doesn't and keeping the lessons changing and getting better over time. Sometimes I like getting into a groove but it can sometimes become monotonous. 

Just be organized and understand why you are teaching what you are teaching.

Planning will aid in execution of the lesson.

You are the manager of your classroom. Instructional styles are all different. Be prepared for your class!

Keeping the gradebook current and up-to-date is important in reducing student anxiety and lets them know where they are in the course.

Offering a fun pretest to see what knowledge students bring into the class

I will continue to incorporate pp presentations within my courses and encourage students to use them as well.

Make clear cut policies for my class. Post them at the beginning of class so that every student knows them.

Be open to changing to plan B when A is not working. Watch your students and adapt your instructional information for your students when they become restless.

I learned to use teaching methods were the students use their senses and to use the 10-20-30 rule for my presentations.

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