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good to have high standards

Be flexible and allow students to participate in the process how they see fit (with some guidelines).

stay organized 

good information

I have personally found that when presenting  information to the class, I will use videos that share in dental treatments. Like allowing them to see a video on coronal polishing or placing in a composite filling . Its makes it real ,so they can actually see the materials, procedure and instruments.

It is fortunate that students will understand the importance of grading.  This is the only way we can know that students have grasped the content.  Be consistent in following your policies and procedures within the school and adhere to your own syllabus.  Create rubrics so students know how much effort it will take to earn an A vs. a B. Formative and Summative assessments are necessary for evaluation.

When planning your lecture you need to plan for extra time or less time for something when engaging in previous concept.  You as the leader needs to judge how to adjust.

When presenting a lecture and using media it should be short and to the point.  Using the 10/20/30 rule is a good way to stay on tract.  Make sure you make good choices of media, and you feel comfortable with it as a useful tool.

Part of teaching is being prepared.  Timing is everything.  From lecture to active learning exercises.  Students will have more respect for all the effort you put into their experience.

I often talk with colleagues about ways to make the learning process more individualized rather than "cookie cutter." Maybe starting the program with an executive functioning lesson might help; have them set goals for what they want out of the program.

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