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Make clear cut policies for my class. Post them at the beginning of class so that every student knows them.

Be open to changing to plan B when A is not working. Watch your students and adapt your instructional information for your students when they become restless.

I learned to use teaching methods were the students use their senses and to use the 10-20-30 rule for my presentations.

Differentiating instruction to meet individual needs of every student. 

It is important that extra credit not exceed regular credits earned so that students must do all mandatory coursework to pass the class.

When students are not grasping the material presented take time to have them utilize the skills they already have with problem solving through a case study or other activity to help stimulate the skills they have and focus on what they may be missing.

Students are adept to retain 60-80% of lecture materials if at least two senses are activated throughout the teaching process.

It’s important to show excitement for the field you are teaching with success stories and anecdotes to get students to be enthusiastic about learning.

Adaptive learning appears to be creative into making students aware of their own learning curve and technique, that can be used in everyday life.

Early on there were some compression issues but once I had the material down, it goes pretty smoothly. However, I am changing some lessons (cramming several concepts into one lesson in order to offer a real-life simulation), so I will likely be dealing with that issue again.

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