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learn various/different method strategies.  

Plan extra material because it usually goes faster than expected.

Stories that are interesting and full of humor can help connect the storyteller to the audience, who then releases dopamine, and that helps secure the information in their long-term memory. 

A great deal of useful information as I embark on my teaching career and share my nursing experience with others who have a passion in the health field to be their best self.

is important to plan, keep gradebook up to date

This module had helped me tremendously because it allowed me to understand the best options and methods in delivering information to students, especially when using visual aids

It is important to be prepared before hand, always include new alternatives to maintain students active

Rationale portion of the lesson plan which I've rarely used before.

Having students fill out information cards or giving pretests prior to the class to test their level of understanding and knowledge of the material.

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