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I learned the importance of staying up to date with technology and that there is value in social networks.

I learned the reason behind baseline tests in the beginning of the class.  I always thought they were a gauge for a student but now I can clearly see it is a gauge for the instructor.

I learned that lesson plans are the foundation of a good course.  That organization is key in developing lesson plans and that printing them out and keeping them in a folder is the best way to keep them.

I learned that using what your students already know can help with lesson planning.  That flexibility based on student assessments is a reasonable approach.

Realizing that you cannot compromise on competencies, knowledge, and skills required to succeed. Which really brings the thought of matching the assignment to the students' experience level. 

Utilizing the PowerPoint Guidelines was informative however, definitely be implementing the 10/20/30 PowerPoint Rule.

Utilizing different colored handouts for multiple forms, especially at the beginning of the year can be helpful. Additionally, creating observation sheets for field trips can keep the students focused and engaged.

The importance of the diagnostic assignments and how you are doing are vital so that the algorithm with data analysis can collect information to adapt the educational process, it is like doing a discovery and getting to know the most important aspects and the management of the 3 main Aptitudes in the most prevailing areas such as compression, reading and calculation, in this way the data collected allows the adaptation of the technology and therefore of the educational process.

Adaptive education must adapt from the instructional design, yes, but with a motivating approach and encouraging improvement, although it must adapt, it must also be able to motivate and lead it to complete and overcome, there being a fine line and necessary balance in how to adapt without losing the north of improvement through transformative knowledge

I believe that I practice this because I have had a really diverse group of students in the past and continue to have diverse students in my classes.

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