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For me , Adaptability for my students is key , change on the fly to adapt to the ever changing needs of the student as well as the environment and circumstances that are sometimes out of my control are essential to good planning, I like to have a back up plan just in case

So important to keep in mind that all students learn differently and we need to try and keep an open mind on how we can help them in anyway we can with different learning platforms and strategies.

Classroom support materials and assessments should support the educational journey to the achievement of course objectives.  They should facilitate and support learning objectives and standards.

Rationale, objectives, and standards are all important elements of your lesson plan.  They need to be integrated and mutually supportive so that your teaching can meet the educational goals of the course and the institution.

Lesson plans are a crucial part of the teaching process.  By thinking through and documenting the process of teaching every class, you cover all essential information in an efficient way, and you prepare for all eventualities: continuity, administrative requirements, unforeseen circumstances, etc.

Understanding the level of knowledge of the students that your students have will help you develop lesson plans that will better meet the learning objectives. 

How the exams helps you know what kind of job you are doing as an instructor. You will be able to see what sections of the course you covered in an understandable way, and what sections need some additional presentation work on your part.

using variety in the slides, text followed by illustrations that way students have a visual interpretation of what you are explaining

The importance of field trips is that students can see how the jobs that they are going to school for are being applied in the real world.

Reviewing and examining the material in this course has given me a clearer understanding of how to connect with students. I also understand how to set the atmosphere for a professional yet enjoyable learning experience.

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