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I intend to increase the Independent reflection requirements - I realize that I am in great need of more independent short knowledge checks for my students. I plan to implement short pop quizzes on the days after my live demonstrations either in Construction Tech or Manufacturing in order to solidify the content that they learned.  I believe this has been a missing ingredient from my teaching from this year.  I have seen more mistakes from students that have watched my demonstrations and yet do many of the things I specifically warned against.  I see this as the result of not… >>>

Starting with the end in mind and working towards completing the lesson plan works for me. 

Learning objectives help guide the lesson plans. 

Keep good lesson plans and keep them up to date. 

Planning is key, and making sure that you have wiggle room in your schedule for compression and/or questions. 

Lesson notes can help instructors stay organized and focused on key learning objectives during training.

Always include objectives and standards in your lesson plans to provide clarity for the training audience. 

It's important for instructors to provide a rationale statement for the training, because this will provide relevancy for the training audience. 

I've learned how important it is to conduct a baseline assessment of the knowledge and experience of your training audience, because learning plans can always be tailored to provide more effective training objectives. 

I enjoyed how this course covered four different strategies for instruction. I think the key is a combination of them to use in your classroom and varying your instruction thought out a unit of study. 

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