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I like the idea of scoring the students on different aspects. We often do group work in class where the entire group gets a grade. This can be problematic if certain students are contributing more than others. I have started having students score each other. I don't use it as a grade but I do use it as a consideration of the overall grade for the group. I like the idea of giving a group grade along with an individual grade and a business grade. It would make the scoring process more accurate for each student.
My classes had a SBE this year for the first time. I had the idea of students selling laser cut, school themed keychains, but the students didn't have a lot of buy in. Instead, they REALLY wanted to sell slime. I was not too keen on this idea due to the mess and I wasn't sure they were going to sell. Long story short, the students were right. The slime sold well and it was the right decision to go with a business with student buy in. There was a mess, but it was worth it overall.
Probably rewriting my PP presentation to follow some of the guidelines listed here.
I did not realize I was already using several of these methods, and now have a name for them. This course also gave me insight for other activities I can use to help my students grasp broader subjects.

I learned assessment strategies are very important.  They help measure the classes' ability throughout the entire course.  Examples of assessments are quizzes, projects, tests, and demonstrations.

I intend to really try to offer kids options in expressing themselves.  Visual guides or picture art along with audio and video presentations will be opening the door to better expression.  

UDL is most effective when the learning outcome or objective is easily identified by the student.  If the student knows the destination, then the path can be chosen by the student in a manner that best that student.  

Mostly, UDL strategies need to be suited to students on an individual basis.  That means getting to know the kids and be flexible.  Also use tools around you to make things easy.  Use AI to manipulate materials for your kids.  Lastly, be ready to anything you can to help present material and achieve learning outcomes for each student.  

UDL should be like when you show up to a friends house for a pot luck dinner.  You may not choose everything, but you can choose the stuff you want to.  

UDL needs to have multiple paths to the learning targets and also employ multiple manners in which students can express or communicate their learning.  It is mostly about being creative and flexible for each student.  

Storytelling should not be very sugjective. 

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