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Guide – Education Performance Group

This document lists the different ways that you can share and learn through this group in The Lounge.


Here are my thoughts on ED 105: get to know each student.
• Identify each student’s strengths and interests.
• Identify family concerns that may impact on each student’s ability to participate in school activities.
• Identify collaborative skills and other priority skills for each student to learn or practice.
• Identify supports for helping the student succeed.


Steven Moore,

I really injoyed the training since it is relevent to what I am currently doing in my career at the moment.

This training is very appropriate for my level. I've already referenced many of the lessons in my discussions with other instructors.

Ronna Bankhead


I have really enjoyed these trainings.  They are very practical and realistic.  I have learned many new techniques that I am already using in my classroom.

Thank you!

I find most of the information very helpful.  I enjoyed ED108 more than ED106.  I'm not exactly sure why.  I think it seems more applicable.  Thanks!

I found ED107 very helpful in the retooling of the Wine & Beverage program that I teach.

I had been contemplating a change in the class - starting with the end of the class on the first day - The Wine List.

But I was not sure how to execute it yet.  When I started ED107, the timing and the content could not have been more appropriate!

The segment in Module 4 really valdiated what I was started to work on with the curriculum, and hepled me plan it out better.

I met with my current students for a course evaluation on the last day of the semester today.

They had a lot of great input to add to this idea!


Thanks MaxKnowledge.  Will

I wil begin preparing my note for the Spring Quarter today. I have found by completing ED102, before preparing for the various courses that I will be teaching, has given me new insight. I think this learning modular as open new horizons to develop the class structure; I am looking forward to getting to know the students, understanding, and recognizing what each student can contribute to the group.  I plan on establishing more intervals between lecture, discussion, and activities and I hope to engage the students into creating some of the activities. I may even stretch my boundries to ask for volunteers to assist in introducing new topics to the group.  I think this modular may of REFOCUS me!

I enjoyed ED103.  The Classroom Assessment Techniques are of particular interest to me.  The link included in the module has given me some ideas on how to structure some assessment tools for my anatomy and physiology classes.

I have been successful with my student because I do pretest or do surveys the first day of classes. I ask about educations levels, how long they have been out of school, there skill level and their learning styles. This helps me set my teaching style and will set the pace for my class. I us a point system with a total of a 1000 points and my grades a in letter and % so the know what they really earned. I have a grading rubrics for every assignment and I go over that the class before each assignment and I give feedback. I also engage my students and get feedback from them. I too need to know where I am and what they have learned.

Bryant Neal

I found this course to be very interesting and believe will help me

it is a good way the instructor can improve their skills and teaching method.

I just finsihed ED101, a novice of the whole wonders here ! It's really helpful at my level. Excellent materials and structures, very thoughtful design!  I would highly recommend this to others !! 

I just finished ED101 and is is very helpful to me to have these kind of materials to improve my class. I have applied these techniques described in the curse and the truth is that i feel my class has improved since then.

I just finished ED101. I am a new teacher and feel that this course offered all of the basic information that I needed as a building block for my teaching career. I have already begun utilizing some of the skills I learned in this course and I am going to try the Powerpoint jeopardy this week!

Education as a career is very new to me. I've found the curriculum of Max Knowledge very helpful, especially for a novice.

I have tools and plans to manage classrooms and clinical situations that give me confidence to be a better instructor.

ED 202 Teaching English Language Learners

This course is very appropriate for our present-day colleges in larger cities.  Within the course, statistics substantiate the need for such a course, given the percentage of ELL students presently and the almost certain percentage of ELL students we can expect by year 2025.

Phil Finch

ED 101

This course offered so many great ideas for planning and teaching.  Many of the activites are a plus

since the adult learner brings so much to the table, we must capture them from the beginning of the

course and keep them until it ends.  

This latest course, ED114, deals with effective use of questions in class, and it really gave me a lot of new insight into how best to use questions and answering questions to help students learn more effectively.

I just completed ED201, and enjoyed the interaction with the instructor; some of her responses made me look at some of the issues differently.  It will also help me even more, interacting and accommodating our students with disabilities.

I completed ED101, and I have to say it was a great overview on teaching strategies. This course assists with techniques and the reason why we are instructors. Since I am new in being an instructor at this level, the course was very useful in displaying how effective planning and preparing are. Thank you.


I just finished module 101.  I have taught High School Chemistry for 25 years.  I was surprised at my quiz scores.  I know more that I thought I did.

I am so glad yhat I took this course.  I have been teaching for many years but it was a great refresher course for me

Margaret Clarke

I have just completed the 104 course, which I found to be Helpful as well as a Great refreshor course also. Just because I've been teaching many years,  DOES NOT MEAN I  CAN'T  STILL LEARN BETTER WAYS AND CONTINUE TO IMPROVE my skills and abilities. This course was specifically helpful in strategies to engage many different types of students interest and participation toward  achievement and thus makin me a more effective teacher.

The ED104 course revealed new ideas and patterns to be a better educator in an academic environment versed the clinical track I have been in scince 1981.  Good direction and ideas for the future.  khanson, dds

I just finished ED102 and learned "oodles and gobs" about issues that I hadn't known about, issues i thought about but wasn't sure of, and some things I had already known. It was also nice to see that some of my current teaching techniques were described in the course. I knew that they were good teaching strategies, and that they worked, but learned a lot about how and why. I was very impressed with the content of this course, and the way it was discussed.   

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