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Class Management

I remember when I first went to the front of the classroom to teach my first own class and I remember feeling comfortable. I believe that some of the qualities mentioned in this class and the other classes I took was already in me. As an educator and having been a registered nurse for so many years with so many stories on challenges I faced, mistakes I made, and learning some things the hard way. I remember feeling as if I was the outsider given that the students have taken a class together before they came to me. However, I have the advantage of being a seasoned nurse and stories to tell so I integrated the stories with the lecture. One thing I learned and will try to implement is allowing students time to elaborate on their answers. the biggest challenge I face when conducting my class is engaging some of the students in the discussion.I learned from this class that using active learning activities can be an effective tool in making sur that everyone have an opportunity to engage. My action plan is to take more classes in formulating games and inclduing them in my lecture time to make sure that the students reamin motivated and excited about learning.

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