It's challenging, but entirely do-able!

Hi, I hope you are all doing well :) For those of you who already teach online, aren't we blessed to have the experience? Whew... For those who are new to this style of teaching, relax, just do what you do.  You've got this! You're a teacher afterall...built to survive! The only advice I can give as someone who has taught online classes, is to be clear, consistent, and provide tons of feedback to your students as to how they are doing.  Chats, discussions, a few YouTube videos, videos you create (Camtasia is awesome for this), and you should do fine.  I often throw in a few corny jokes and cartoons to lighten the mood and keep them laughing, or at least eye rolling, hey, it's engagement! What has worked best for me personally is to simply let the students know that you are there for them 24/7...yes, that's the commitment with online, at least if you want your students to feel that you are truly in it with them. Do I mean you have to be online at 3:00 a.m., no, but as long as they know you are willing to do that, they will jump on board. As previously written, relax, and just do what you do...only online. Best wishes to you all, and be well :)



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