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My thoughts about this class

As a teacher you should be fair, caring, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and teach to the audiences learning style. I am teaching for 14 years in the culinary field. There are many challenges for a teacher because every student is different. Every student has his or her problem, family, health, money etc. learn a little bit about them, get to know them a little bit, talk to them if they have challenges with homework, transportation is very important as well. I gave them tutoring lessons, I have office hours etc.  

Action plan for me would be:

Students be on time

Hold them accountable

Have all lecture note ready, give them handouts

Help students when in need

Make them successful to finish school

Successes of my students:

Learning new skill, to get better jobs, students become better to work as a team. I had 3 students they were on the food network.

Challenges: students running out of money for school, transportation, homework etc.

Closing words:

Teaching is a very challenging job at this time with Covid, online classes, students can’t come to school etc.

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