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Students must be able to receive constructive criticism. The critic I give to them will alway higlight their good thing the did, than where the can improve on.

Be prepared, be organized, your students will pick up on that you are not prepared for class. 


I had 2 students in the same class they tried to constantly interrupted the class. I sent 1 student of them home to chill. Suddenly the other student stopped interrupting the class. Has anyone of you out there had the same scenario happening before?


I have young students the can't help themselfs to be on the phone. I layed out guildlines for the whole class, 3 x cought and the cell phone is in a basket on my desk. It helped for e while.


Reply to Marquita Scott's post: Reply to Marquita Scott's post:that is a must or the class start out bad


I have learned in my classes, if you give the students a finger they will take the whole hand, that means late assignments, they complain if I take points off. But a good point is if you give a precise deadline with points taken off per day that is good. Also when you print all the deadlines for them before the go home for the weekend.


What should student services do if there is a problem occurring?


Make it interesting for them, be patient 


A student gets out of line and starts yelling and gets completely out of control 

As a teacher you should be fair, caring, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and teach to the audiences learning style. I am teaching for 14 years in the culinary field. There are many challenges for a teacher because every student is different. Every student has his or her problem, family, health, money etc. learn a little bit about them, get to know them a little bit, talk to them if they have challenges with homework, transportation is very important as well. I gave them tutoring lessons, I have office hours etc.  

Action plan for me would be:

Students be on time

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