Eduardo Mariano

Eduardo Mariano

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Help students come up with Career portfolios.

Allow students to share their life experiences as their stepping stones to more learning.

Courtesy Respect Rapport Technology must be practiced and applied for student learning success.

Faculty must facilitate learning and must provide relevance to what is being learned.

This way students see the value why they need to learn the course activities and will face up to it.

This is an eye- opener. I learned a lot which will help me, as I take Management courses.

Thank you very much.

I like this course alot ande learned to differentiate between the two.

I will try to apply what I learned to improve myself as a Faculty member.

This module has taught me a lot. I will make sure to incorporate wise use of active learning to improve my facilitation and for students to learn more.

I have learned so much from this course. I will definitely use these rich information when I do my On-line facilitation.

This course helped me have a better understanding of on-line teaching. I hope to use what I learned here when I have my on-line classes.


I had done online teaching during my Master's capstone and I must say I absolutely love it. Going for a CHEP - Online treaching will further strengthen what I did during my practicum. It's like the cart ahead of the horse and yet I know this will solidify my cognitive stock about the subject. Thanks MaxKnowledge!

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