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Learned skills needed to have more accountability in departments.

Roles, responsibility, authority, and accountability

Staying within the scope of a person's professional responsibilities allows for accountability.

Role, Responsibility, Authority & Accountability

Staying within the scope of a person's responsibilities allows for that person to be accountable.

Roles and Responsibilities

Knowing what is expected helps make people more effective in their jobs.

Supervisory Skills

Supervisory skills are important to develop.


it can be hard to be the manager

Not everyone needs to know

Make sure you take the time to think about what you say. Not everyone needs to lack experience. Sometimes, you are there because of leadership, not because of your skill in the area.

SU 105 - Power and Responsibility

With great power comes great responsibility..and empathy for those you manage. A fair delegation of duties coupled with an appropiate timeline will help provide your subordinates with a starting point for new initiatives. Remember to be the type of leader that you would appreciate to have

Roles and Responsibility

Delegate work

Commanding your role

As a supervisor or manager, one should be in command of their role in order to successfully manage the operations or function of the department.

Action Plan

Take the time to get to know each individual and how they are best encouraged

Roles and Responsibilities

Too many times a "can do" attitude results in supervisors routinely performing tasks that are not essential to overall quality of instruction.  

Sharing Responsibility

I was able to understand my role as an instructor/educator and to better and to differentiate when matters arise that I may need help on

Employee types

I was able to identify my team members different employee type this will help me communicate with them more effectively in the future.

Adapting to Staff Needs

Its always important to listen and adapt to their indivdual learning/managing styles

Essential Steps to Proper Delegation

Confirm that, an employee understands and accepts a task before delegating it to them.

Provide necessary training, coaching, resources and support for delegated tasks.

Don't limit delegation to only preferred employees and avoid delegating unpleasant tasks as some form of punishment. 


Managing Different Employee Styles.

Employees can have styles that are analytical, amiable, expressive or drivers. All the styles have strengths and weaknesses.  As a supervisor or manager, it's important to understand how best to manage each employee. 

Very useful, practical measures

All of this material should be required for every manager, everywhere! I'd like to send it to a few managers I've had over the years that did a very poor job by NOT incorporating any of this common-sense knowledge. It is so time-consuming and expensive to continually turn over employees due to poor management, yet it seems to be common practice. 

Confirming information

I found the tutorial very informative and easy to listen to with the audio recording version. When I took the quiz at the end it was very confirming to pass the quiz as a director of education between professional practices and the industry tutorial. Thank you!

Honing Supervisory Skills

Supervisory Skills are very important to maximize employee productivity.