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Commanding your role

As a supervisor or manager, one should be in command of their role in order to successfully manage the operations or function of the department.

Action Plan

Take the time to get to know each individual and how they are best encouraged

Roles and Responsibilities

Too many times a "can do" attitude results in supervisors routinely performing tasks that are not essential to overall quality of instruction.  

Sharing Responsibility

I was able to understand my role as an instructor/educator and to better and to differentiate when matters arise that I may need help on

Employee types

I was able to identify my team members different employee type this will help me communicate with them more effectively in the future.

Adapting to Staff Needs

Its always important to listen and adapt to their indivdual learning/managing styles

Essential Steps to Proper Delegation

Confirm that, an employee understands and accepts a task before delegating it to them.

Provide necessary training, coaching, resources and support for delegated tasks.

Don't limit delegation to only preferred employees and avoid delegating unpleasant tasks as some form of punishment. 


Managing Different Employee Styles.

Employees can have styles that are analytical, amiable, expressive or drivers. All the styles have strengths and weaknesses.  As a supervisor or manager, it's important to understand how best to manage each employee. 

Very useful, practical measures

All of this material should be required for every manager, everywhere! I'd like to send it to a few managers I've had over the years that did a very poor job by NOT incorporating any of this common-sense knowledge. It is so time-consuming and expensive to continually turn over employees due to poor management, yet it seems to be common practice. 

Confirming information

I found the tutorial very informative and easy to listen to with the audio recording version. When I took the quiz at the end it was very confirming to pass the quiz as a director of education between professional practices and the industry tutorial. Thank you!

Honing Supervisory Skills

Supervisory Skills are very important to maximize employee productivity.

Learning about how employees work best

I look forward to seeing our instructors use the suggestions from the tutorial to help our classrooms be a better learning environment.

Recognizing personalities

I will have to take in consideration the different employee types.  Thinking about my faculty, I can see some difference already.

Recognizing personalities

I will try to recognize different people's personalities a little better

Awesome training

When managing large teams it is important to recognize various styles to et the best results. This was a great short training. 

Leadership delegations

In order to accomplish and complete tasks on a positive note the communication is key. Without the proper communication the responsibilities and success can fall short. All parties involved must be present and communicative throughout the process. Never assume before speaking to all parties involved. If you do not understand, do not have extra time or are the wrong person for a task, speak up and talk about the issues. Never be afraid to say no if it is for feasible reasons. 

great class

great class


This is very helpful in understanding employee's and co-workers style and how to manage and coexit!


I'm looking forward to putting these things into practice...

I currently delegate a number of tasks but may now be more aware of the things I'm not doing so well according to this course.


This was a quick review of styles, I particularly like how individuals are defined.  I was able to also compare to the DISC assessment for each employee and with both, I will be able to have a better relationship with each and achieve great outcomes.