Incorporating a lecturer


I normally do not incorporate hyperlinks in my course content. After completing this learning activity it seems like it would be a very good option form my students to retrieve their supplementary reading materials instead of uploading them in the Doc Sharing blog.  I also love the fact that I can have a guest lecturer in the course by circulating a print-based version of what the lecturer would have said. The best part is that I can have the student email their questions to the guest. I love that idea.

Cassandre Milien, MSN

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I agree Cassandre, having the availability of Blogs, Hyperlinks, Chats and various multi-media sources  makes the Online environment "Dynamic". A recent research article I read "A Learning Analytic study"-how do students use Video Recordings in the Online environment_ is about the discovery of actionable insights to improve teaching and learning using current technology, gives good insights. Here is the link, please copy and paste_