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What if a student comes into your classroom and they show signs right from the start that they are going to be problem students how would you handle that

I would immediately have a counseling session with this student. I would want to find out what the students expectations are? How he or she expects to reach the set goals? I would also spend time going over the policy and procedures so that he/she understands clearly what will/will not be tolerated. I would also put the student with one of my example students in the class. My hope is that at this point it is becoming very clear what should and shouldn't be done in the classroom( classroom behavior/desire to become an allied health professional)and hopefully at this point and time the student has come around and is now wanting to become apart of what is know as an effective learning environment.

I agree whole-heartedly! One of my worst mistakes was ignoring my initial "gut reaction" and allowing a problem student to affect the other students and general morale of the school. I've learned to act quickly, ie early counseling and discussion as Bishop mentioned.

Karen, who's responsible for the early counseling? How quickly does it become an administrative problem vs. classroom or support services issue?

This is a great question that I am faced with from time to time. I see this in our younger generation y group of students right out of high school. I would first make an attempt to ignore the issue. If the issue involves distracting other students from their educational learning, I would ask the student to talk to me out of the classroom. I never confront or talk to a student with other students present. I feel this would tear ansd shred the dignity they had at one time. I would find out what the reasons are behind this behavior. I would listen to the student and what they are trying to say through non-verbal communication. I would attempt to explain what school policy was and if the behavior continued, I would have the student see the student services or a dean.

I feel like the student needs to be talked to in private to try and figure out what you can do for the student to be helped

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