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how can you get everybody to work together properly

I feel you have to sit down and figure out everyones weak and strong points and build from there.

How do you use this information, Marion? Do you try to get students do the same thing to improve their communication?

It is important to learn how many Alpha type personalities are in the group and who are followers. To many alpha personalities will lead to confrontations and will slow the process of completing what ever endeavor is to be met. Strengths and weaknesses are part of building a team. Matching the personalities is also important because of the posibility of friction that could take place. Some people perfer to work as a soloist and others in a group. Sitting down with everyone for an evaluation of what they could bring to the group is very important and what they are WILLING to do. The evaluator should be aware of those who sit in reserve and are analyzing the others. This person can have a great amount to offer but may not because of the position they chose - staying in the background - a waste of talent in many situations.

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