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Identifying the student

AT first day I have the students tell me what their weakness is . We can all say what we are great at but everyone has trouble saying their weakness. This way, you can identify everything all at once.

This coming quarter I am going to try out a survey that asks them where they anticipate problems that may prevent them from doing well in school - including items like work, financial aid, transportation, etc. Then I am going to take the results and email the names of people who need help to the person in the school who could assist them - like Career Services for students who are looking for jobs. That way we can try to help them solve their problems before they become too overwhelming for them to continue in school.

I think these are great questions to ask.

I have a question........... are these questions not asked during the interview process for enrollment? if so, wouldn't it be a good idea for the instructor to go over the interview survey answers from the persepctive student?

Just courious.

Hi Jen,

I like what you do on the first day!

great suggestion.

I am so glad to see that we are actually using these strategies! This is great, and you will notice the difference in student/classroom interaction.

The questions you ask are great. I like to ask the same questions as the students progress because of changes that take place in their lives.

These questions are part of the students' interview in the admissions process as documented on their application questionnaire. This is also done during our orientation class. However, I do not feel this information is being used by the instructors.

Unfortunately, that's the case in many schools, Michael. It is very difficult to transfer information from one department to another and, more importantly, be sure that it is properly used. Do you have any suggestions on how to do this?

I must agree. I think that this is something that I will implement in my classes.

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