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I intervene by having the students fill out questionairs each month for classes

What do you ask in the questionnaire, Jennifer? What do you do with the results?

That is a good thing when students are asked their opinions. We are here because of them so why not ask what they think.

Do you seek the opinion of your students, Devra? If so, how do you do it and what topics do you cover? If not, what are your plans to do so in the future?

The students opinion is of great importance to me. In my position I must deal with everyone at some point and time. If I had a student express an opinion to me about something negative towards the school I would inform the one who can help change it. I want the students to have a positive opinion about me also. Most of the opinion topics we cover relate to administration. As for how I do it, I don't have to try too hard because most students love to express their opinion. I just listen and follow up on it.

Intervention can be as simple as having lunch/snack in the student break room when you see a student is having a problem.

Do you do this very often, Ephrain?

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