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Team analysis of student attrition

Discussing each student who "drops out" during a periodic interdepartmental school meeting will help formulate an action plan that may prevent some future attrition. Often students "disappear" and other than the department directly involved, other departments don't really know why. I almost liken this to the post mortem conference at hospitals after they lose a patient. If everyone is to be involved in keeping students in school, everyone needs to be aware of what factors are involved in their decision to leave. Has anyone had any experience doing this?

Barry, I've used this review technique when I was working as a school President. It can be very effective in improving communication across departments and can reduce the “blame game”. My group met quarterly and included top level staff from admissions, education and support services. I would suggest rotating the “chair” responsibilities so that it isn't identified as one person or department's responsibility. I also recommend sharing the findings at a full staff/faculty meeting.

I've never tried this, but it sounds like it might help. I'm going to try to attempt this idea.

Sarah, please tell me more about how you will implement the idea.

I would like to try your method, we are in the process of formulating this to improve retention and need all suggestions. Thank you.

Good luck, Stacy. An important key to success is having broad representation with everyone having a voice in what happens. If people perceive the committee as just another opportunity for administration to lecture it won't work. Problem solving happens when everyone participates and accepts responsibility for the problems and results.

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