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Modern Job Search Foundations | Origin: CS119

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Teaching Modern Job Search Strategies --> Modern Job Search Foundations

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Likeability over competence

The cycle of emotions in the job search - I haven't seen those defined before. 

How different emotions can play a part in how one reacts to the job search market.

I learned more about the various mapping of jobseekers' emotions and that they can change and come in waves. 

Being in the most confident frame of mind and keeping that confidence, even when the job search isn't producing desirable results, is the most important state to keep and be in. It is also the most difficult to maintain over a length of time.

I didn't realize that being laid off was as high of a stress point as it is. 

Teaching modern job search strategies involves emphasizing the importance of building a strong online presence through platforms like LinkedIn and personal websites, and guiding job seekers on optimizing their profiles and leveraging online networks.

Customizing application materials is crucial, and I will educate job seekers on tailoring resumes and cover letters to each specific job, incorporating relevant keywords and creating compelling narratives.

Networking remains a powerful tool, and I will teach effective strategies such as informational interviews and online community engagement to help job seekers access more opportunities.

Mastering interview techniques is essential.

I have learned from this module that there are steps to job searching, and steps that accompany the emotions that come with it. I learned that I can be a bit pessimistic about job searches in the past, and I want to integrate what I've learned here into helping my students create a better mindset from the beginning. 

Mindsets, strategies, and emotions are all factors of the present-day job search process. We can either be limited to a fixed mindset or expand our thinking to an open mindset that we can learn on the job. I will be taking the resources that were provided in this module and sharing them with any students who come to the office needing further assistance with job search techniques. 

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